Opportunity Summary

YES 360 In Schools Program facilitates and creates educational and entrepreneurial opportunities with an emphasis on personal financial wellness.  (More Details...)


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Volunteers will lead weekly (50) minute sessions in the classroom at one of our program sites. Topics include: EARN, SAVE, SPEND, INVEST & DONATE. A lesson plan and related activity materials will be provided. There are several program school sites throughout the Triangle. We'll look to pair volunteers with the site that best fits the program needs with the volunteers experience. Classroom teachers remain in the class to help manage student participation and focus.

Grade Levels Taught: 4th-12th
Opportunities & Locations: 4

Volunteers will challenge students to learn and practice consistent savings habits, to establish long-term financial discipline, investing strategies and to plan for the future. These sessions lay the financial understanding for the students transition into the next level of our 360 In Schools program.

Youth Education for Savings Consortium:
Implemented and planned curriculum and enrichment activities include YES Basics, Small Business Ventures; EXPO, KidsInvest, Robotics/STEM programs, Social Entrepreneurship, and Philanthropy. Incorporated as a statewide nonprofit, The Youth Education for Saving Consortium promotes financial education among children and their families in disadvantaged communities to create the assets needed for educational and entrepreneurial opportunities, community stabilization and development, and community stewardship.YES establishes paradigm shifts, achieved with support from volunteer guest speakers from local professional organizations that help teach classes but also offer life skill development lessons. Outings to universities, banks and small businesses also help them see new possibilities to consider. This gives a child (1) a new perspective on what they can achieve; (2) eliminates his or her misconceptions about what resources and opportunities are available to them; and (3) inspires self-confidence and encourages them to set and pursue goals for high achievement.