Help raise funding for girls on the run scholarships by volunteering at Race 13.1 We need 20 volunteers in a variety of capacities. Each volunteer we recruit translates directly into funding for Girls on the Run scholarships!
Looking for 30 people to set up, stock, and clean up a water station! A great way to help as an individual or as a group. Girls on the Run is a beneficiary of Bull City Race Fest and receives funding for every volunteer who works at our water station!
Girls on the Run is a beneficiary of this event. We receive funding for every volunteer who registers and works at this event. Be a part of
Help us work at this event! Many ways to help including water stations, set up, tear down, packet pickup, refreshments, clean up. Girls on the Run is a beneficiary of this event. For every volunteer that works on our behalf, Girls on the Run receives funding for our scholarship program!
Work in a variety of capacities to ensure Girls on the Run has a safe and fun event. 2,000 runners. Saturday, April, 29, 2017 at American Tobacco Campus in Durham. A super fun celebration run! Many, many ways to volunteer! We need you!
This clean-up is promoted as part of Teen Days of Service!
Volunteers will pre-dig holes and prepare trees for tree planting dedication.
Thanks to The Fletcher Academy for adopting this Teen Days of Service project at Raleigh Rescue Mission!
Volunteers are needed to staff an Open House event March 25th - April 9th. Tours are Wednesday - Saturday 10am - 5pm and Sunday 12am - 5pm. Each day will require two 2 shifts (about 3 hrs) of 13 people each.
Opportunity includes helping student teams develop their business CASH FLOW for their concept; write and create their business plan display for their school EXPO on March 24; judge semi-finals on March 24 or judge finals Shark Tank on April 5.