Composting worms are some of the hardest working little helpers in the garden. Worm compost is the soil they produce and it is so rich in nutrients it can often help plants grow in twice the time and resistant to many diseases. You can help build a worm nursery!
This Family Volunteer Day opportunity is for parents and caregivers with kids ages 2-5!
Enjoy a day on the community farm as we prepare beds for spring planting and finish some of the farm structures and prepare spots for more tiny houses. We have a wide variety of tasks for every skill level and for those looking to acquire new skills. Come for as little or as long as you wish!
Children’s Flight of Hope is now part of the Adopt-A-Highway program! We are very excited about this project and look forward to doing our part in improving the beauty and quality of the environment.
Get to know everyone and everything about the Garden! Flexible shifts available for weekends or weekdays.
Please join us for National Trails Day Saturday, June 6, 2016!
Let's build an Outdoor Pizza Oven in the Garden! Imagine having Pizza with Fresh Garden Veggies while the community enjoys an evening together. We are looking for an individual or group to come out to help with building the pizza oven.
Join us for a few minutes or the entire day as we work in the greenhouse, created garden beds and plant seedlings. This is our first growing season so with your help we will transform the dirt into a beautiful garden.