Bring a love for plants and nature to children! Be a station leader guiding hands-on activities. We provide ALL the background information and activities for the tours.
This clean-up is promoted as part of Teen Days of Service!
Volunteers will pre-dig holes and prepare trees for tree planting dedication.
We have two small ponds on the community minifarm that need some plants and attention. If you have a pond or can bring pond plants to garden you can help create a little pond oasis for everyone to enjoy!
You can help make a home for our local birds and bats on the community farm. The bats are excellent at keeping the mosquitoes under control and the bird houses are to help migratory and local birds.
When seeds have the right amount of warmth and light they will grow twice as fast. A seed incubator is a great way to care for the seedlings so the garden can be in full bloom in half the time! This is one of our favorite wishlist items because everything for the garden starts with the seeds.
Let's build an Outdoor Pizza Oven in the Garden! Imagine having Pizza with Fresh Garden Veggies while the community enjoys an evening together. We are looking for an individual or group who can lead and organize a volunteer day in building the pizza oven.
Composting worms are some of the hardest working little helpers in the garden. Worm compost is the soil they produce and it is so rich in nutrients it can often help plants grow in twice the time and resistant to many diseases. You can help build a worm nursery!
This project has been adopted by TrybeNC as part of Activate Good's annual National Volunteer Week campaign.
Want to share your love of the outdoors with others? Are you interested in nature, education, or the environment? Then become an Education and Outreach Volunteer with the Triangle Land Conservancy this April and May!