Help build a Pond Bridge for the community garden. This will be a featured structure of the farm that the entire community can enjoy!
Create an artistic mosaic path of collected pebbles and stones.
When seeds have the right amount of warmth and light they will grow twice as fast. A seed incubator is a great way to care for the seedlings so the garden can be in full bloom in half the time! This is one of our favorite wishlist items because everything for the garden starts with the seeds.
This project at the Assistance League of the Triangle Area was adopted by the Garner Magnet High School Key Club as part of Activate Good's annual Teen Days of Service!
Come help Activate Good get ready to wow our guests! Volunteers will be assembling swag items and other decor pieces for our Good Together event.
Are you interested in supporting an organization that strengthens families and prevents child abuse? Are you "handy" around an office - filing, copying, answering calls? Do you enjoy a variety of tasks in a nonprofit setting? We need you!
This project has been adopted by TrybeNC as part of Activate Good's annual National Volunteer Week campaign.
Volunteer to assist with a variety of tasks at the Pretty In Pink Foundation office in Raleigh
Volunteers will work with Burning Coal Theatre to level and re-enforce audience risers and repaint them, which have served the Theatre for 9 years and are in need of some TLC.
Positively enhance the ReStore’s capacity to generate revenue for the building of Habitat homes through the performance of necessary daily tasks and special projects- basically through helping wherever help is most needed on that given day!