80's Flashback!

80’s Flashback!

This month, the Activate Good crew will take you back to another time. A time of innocence. And dancing. And tacky, tacky clothes. That’s right: The 1980s. We’re teaming up with Live Work Play – Raleigh for the ultimate 80s Night at Spy Raleigh on Thursday, March 1.

From now until March 1, help us reach our spring fundraising goal of $1,500 this month and we’ll be the tackiest dudes and dudettes at the dance.

Give $5, $25, $50 – Whatever you can. The more we raise, the tackier we’ll be, for the amusement of all.

How tacky, you ask?
Check out our spring fundraising page for a taste of what we’ll wear to entertain you (and to raise funds to support Activate Good!).

Then, on March 1, we welcome you to join us at Spy Raleigh to see just how outrageously you’ve dressed our crew.