A look back at Twestival

A look back at Twestival

Earlier this year Activate Good (who at the time was going by the name ME³) had the pleasure of being named the beneficiary of Raleigh Twestival 2011! Between a raffle, ticket sales, and donated services, Raleigh Twestival raised over 1000 dollars to benefit our organization and help us continue to do even more good in the future! So the most frequently asked question regarding Twestival is… What the heck is it? Twestival is a single day, global and local movement which uses the power of social media to organize offline events.
These events mobilize communities in support of local nonprofits and other organizations.

The event was not unlike that of any other party or get together that you would share with some of your closest friends.  An intimate crowd gathered to connect, network and of course celebrate the good that Activate Good (formerly ME³) provides for our local community.

Amber Smith talks about Activate Good.

Twestival attendees enjoyed craft beers and wine as well as organic fresh treats provided by the Busy Bee Café in Downtown Raleigh.

The event was backed by immense sponsorship support thanks to Triangle AMA, IABC of the Triangle, Tweet Divas, YNPN of the Triangle, Yelp & Triangle Interactive—As well as Bronto, Nasher Museum, BC/DC Ideas and TwitPet for their donations of raffle prizes.

Raleigh Twestival 2011 was indeed a successful night of connecting, tweeting, networking and raising donations and contributions for Activate Good (formerly ME³). These type of events continue to facilitate our ability to spread the importance of volunteering and of making volunteering part of peoples’ everyday lifestyle!

We would have never been able to have such a tremendous night without the help of the volunteers that helped organize the event and make it happen. Activate Good realizes the far reaching influence that social media has in our everyday lives. It is our goal to make learning about volunteering as easy as interfacing with your personal social media outlets!

Twestival was a fantastic platform to catapult this initiative and reach even more of those who can do good and be somebody’s hero by volunteering!

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Special thanks to photographer Matt Bayley of Mike Bayley Photography for these wonderful images!