About Activate Good

About Activate Good

Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

We believe we all have a responsibility to work towards a better world. That’s why Activate Good improves our community through people-powered projects for good.

Our Vision

Activate Good envisions a world in which all people realize and act on their power to improve their communities.

Our Values

A better world is one that is better for ALL, and one in which everyone has equitable access to participate in projects for positive change. We believe in the power of good – and embrace that accomplishing good work can be a deep, difficult, and lengthy process. 

We want you, our community, to know that no matter what project we are currently working on, EVERY day we’re guided by our core values:

COMMUNITY: We’re all here together. Let’s work together to solve issues that affect us all.

DIVERSITY & INCLUSION: We seek out and welcome a variety of perspectives and identities – effective change requires collaboration.

EQUITY: We work to identify and break down barriers to opportunity, and to amplify all voices.

INTERSECTIONALITY: We acknowledge that experiences, identities, and causes do not stand alone, but exist and interact simultaneously – everything is connected.

LEARNING, GROWTH, & ACTION: We strive to always give our community our best. We’re committed to listening, learning, and growing from our experiences and relationships – and then rallying to get good done.

Our Programs

Activate Good works as a “force multiplier” for local causes with volunteer needs. Through two major programs, we’re working to make volunteerism part of everyday life in our community:

Volunteer Community

Through our outreach efforts and online volunteer community, we help recruit and connect individuals, groups, and companies to fulfill volunteer needs with Community Partners around the Triangle area, North Carolina.

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Youth Volunteer Program

We’re empowering the next generation of young volunteers and community leaders through youth and family-friendly volunteer opportunities and Days of Service, a Teen Leadership & Service Summer Program, and a service-learning curriculum that teaches students about community issues, leadership, and service, available to high schools.

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