Activate Love with acts of kindness this Valentine's Day

Activate Love with acts of kindness this Valentine’s Day


This post brought to you by Heather Leah, editor in chief of Candid Slice and a guest blogger for Activate Good in honor of Random Acts of Kindness Week, February 11-17, 2013.

“The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.” – Mother Teresa

Everyone’s been single for Valentine’s Day at least once, and it can be a big bummer watching couples indulging in candy hearts and chocolate. But we all know the hunger goes much deeper — when you’re single on Valentine’s Day, you don’t just want chocolate and flowers. You want love.

A girl approached me, smiling, as I sat at the lunch table. “Here,” she said, offering me a pink package with a Mother Teresa quote scribed across the top in red ink. “Happy Valentine’s Day!” she called, as she walked off on her holiday act of kindness. She was passing little packets of candy out to anyone she came across. Inspiring.

This girl wasn’t hungry for love. She was indulging in love by sharing kindness with others. So this Valentine’s Day, I propose we all indulge in love by taking this day to show appreciation to those around us. We love our kids, our parents, our teachers, our co-workers, our policemen. We can even love total strangers.

Recently, a local group of do-gooders called Triangle Kindness got together to hand out flowers and candies in the check out lanes of Wal-Mart in celebration of this day of love, which happens to fall within Random Acts of Kindness Week. By the end of the night, nobody cared who had a date for Valentine’s Day or who had more chocolate. Everyone felt loved. And love is the real hunger.

Are you looking to spread a little kindness for Valentine’s Day? Here are some inexpensive and fun ideas:

  • Volunteer! This is an act of kindness any time of year, and Activate Good is a great place to start finding a way to give back. Check out some current volunteer needs for Triangle-area causes.
  • Attach a small note of kindness a flower. Leave it on someone’s car.
  • Pass out candy to people working in drive-thru windows! They have to work on Valentine’s Day, and that’s not much fun! They’ll appreciate the gesture!
  • At work, start a kindness chain with scraps of paper. Co-workers can anonymously write praise and kind words, or take care to point out things they are grateful for in other co-workers, then add their links to the chain. After the candy has all been eaten, get together and read the links.
  • Kids can leave a kind note for their teacher along with a flower or a candy, or leave anonymous candies on each classmate’s desk, just for fun!
  • Parents, take your child out and thoughtful Thank You notes and Valentine gifts on the windshields of teacher’s cars. (Idea taken from Just Say NO to Bullying, who did this project earlier this week!)