AFTER the season of giving

AFTER the season of giving

AFTER the season of giving

Happy 2021, Activate Good community!

2020 was undoubtedly a tough year for our world. But through it all, we saw how truly generous and compassionate humanity can be. We got creative about giving back and supporting one another. Philanthropy and volunteering went viral!

This spirit of unity culminated around the holiday season, which in the world of nonprofits, we refer to as the giving season. It’s only natural that the end of the year is one of giving, as we take the opportunity to reflect and appreciate all that we’ve experienced.

Now, as we enter our new year, we start to ease back into our routines. We leave behind our times with family and loved ones in exchange for our daily grind. All of a sudden, life gets busy again!

Remember the spirit of giving even after the giving season

But even in our busiest moments, it’s important to remember the spirit of the giving season. Because just like us, nonprofits are ramping up for the year. Though our contributions at year-end were a huge boost to their momentum, they need fuel to keep moving in the right direction. Nonprofits need more help than ever AFTER the season of giving has ended.

This is echoed by one of the Activate Good nonprofit partners, Note in the Pocket. Though the influx of contributions over the holiday season is “a wonderful annual reminder”, their “need is for consistency”.

What do consistent contributions look like for nonprofits? The short answer is – it depends. Each and every nonprofit has its own list of needs at any given time. For example, at Note in the Pocket, they need “a steady stream of high-quality incoming clothing donations, volunteers, and financial support.” It’s best to check in with your favorite nonprofit as to what they need most.

nonprofits need help even after the season of giving has ended

Checking in is one thing, but how can we take it one step further?

How can we take consistent action to support nonprofits in our community? From one do-gooder to another, here’s what has worked for me:

    • Schedule Giving Back into Your Routine

I don’t know about you, but I can’t function without my calendar. If something isn’t on it, it doesn’t happen. Following that logic, I usually don’t think to volunteer or give back if I haven’t planned for it in advance. So, one way I ensure that it’s always on my mind is by finding time in my calendar and making a commitment to a nonprofit for a set period of time. This helps me remember – but it also helps the nonprofits I partner with plan with a longer-term lens.

“Every year in January and February, we see less engagement from volunteers.” -Marco Rodriguez, Food Bank CENC

nonprofits need support after the giving season

Find dates and sign up to volunteer at the Food Bank and other organizations at

    • Budget for Philanthropy

I budget for food, Netflix, Spotify, you name it. But budgeting for financial contributions to nonprofits? It seems like a no-brainer once you think about it. Though I’ve often caught myself hesitating to donate to a campaign because of my concern I can’t afford it. An easy solution is to decide, whether for the year or by month, how much you have to pay forward. You can pledge this money in advance to your favorite organization, or leave some wiggle room to discover a new nonprofit! Not to mention, it makes life so much easier when it comes time to file your taxes.

    • Subscribe, Follow, Share!

Most of the nonprofits you know and love likely dedicate time and effort to cultivating a social media presence. These days, they can’t afford not to. It costs nothing to show them some support by subscribing, following, and sharing their stories! It also will keep you in the loop about their successes and opportunities to connect.

The spirit of giving

Find opportunities with nonprofits that need support after the giving season at

Nonprofits are doing good work. Every. Single. Day. Let’s do what we can to make it a little bit easier for them to achieve their missions!

Take Action

Take Action

Check out hundreds of volunteer opportunities with causes around the Triangle area and volunteer to make an impact.

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