And the Rest was History ... A Volunteer Story

And the Rest was History … A Volunteer Story

We always say here at Activate Good that one of our favorite things about volunteering (besides making an impact in the community, of course!) is the opportunity to meet people that share your passion for making a difference. When we heard about how Laura and Kat’s volunteer experience led to a spontaneous international girl’s trip, we couldn’t wait to get the full story from Laura herself!

A few short months ago, Laura and Kat were both searching for a way to get involved in their community, when they came upon Activate Good’s Triangle Do-Gooders Meetup group and started volunteering with A Place at the Table (APATT). APATT is Raleigh’s first pay-what-you-can cafe, striving to provide a welcoming community space and healthy, delicious food for all, regardless of means.



“Working with A Place at the Table is working with a family that shares the same passion for giving back.”

Laura and Kat met during one of their volunteer shifts at APATT and started chatting. They chatted about their shared interest in pursuing meaningful careers and living their lives to the fullest. Kat shared what inspired and motivated her, and Laura instantly related to her sentiments and felt that they were both destined to great things.

After this initial meeting, the two stayed in touch and took up salsa dancing together. Then, Kat mentioned she would be taking a trip to Puerto Rico, and would be out of the country for a while. Laura thought this sounded so fulfilling and exciting! Despite their 10 year age difference, Laura decided to do something spontaneous and go visit Kat in Puerto Rico on a whim.

“Kat has a great energy about herself. Volunteers have good hearts. I had no question in my mind, the trip would be nothing less than fabulous.”

The new friends had the trip of a lifetime together in Puerto Rico. They spent their days traveling on back roads, making new friends, and looking for adventure wherever they could find it. Indulging in local food, dancing to live music, snorkeling, paddle boarding, hiking… you name it, they did it!

“We lived in the moment, rolled with the punches and explored the entire island of Puerto Rico in one week. We didn’t spend a lot of money. We invested in our experience by immersing ourselves in the culture.”

It all goes to show, you never know what will happen – or who you will form life changing friendships with – when you volunteer…

Looking to meet new people, make an impact, and have your own adventure? Check out volunteer opportunities with hundreds of local causes here and get started!