Activating Good: A 2017 Volunteering Astrological Forecast!



Activate Good volunteer extraordinaire and professional astrologer, Randy Wasserstrom, shares his insights in this fun guest blog on the Astrology of Activating Good in 2017! Read on for some inspiration for the New Year.

‘Activating Good’ is a two part process – inner kindness to oneself and outer service to others. This process is reflected in the astrological chart for 2017 which represents the characteristics, challenges and potentials of the coming topsy turvy year.


One of the main characteristics of the new year (other than having a new President) will be revolution and change from old, traditional systems and structures that are no longer serving us well! This is an understatement! Our planet is struggling between fear and love with fear being a worldwide addiction as well as an inner struggle. Fear is also causing isolation, separation from others, discrimination and frustration. Love (as part of the activate good process), on the other hand, is all encompassing, generous, joyful and inclusive. Each of us has an opportunity to become a Light Bearer amidst the intense fear which could also be called darkness.

This revolution then is an awakening of consciousness, coming in unpredictable lightning bolts both internally and globally. As the awakening occurs, more Light Bearers will emerge. To awaken is to face both the “light” and “dark” part of ourselves so that we can see our own suffering more clearly and learn to detach from it. Bringing light to the planet is no more than having love for all parts of ourselves. This is not an easy process, but is essential to meet the many crises in our personal lives and on the planet as a whole. Outwardly, the more we love ourselves, the more we automatically will love and serve others Very naturally and simply. We will bring joy and hope to others when joy and hope is desperately needed. This will be an up and down process, full of challenges psychologically and socially that will require more and more courage, faith, surrender and hope. It is a process that will require tremendous patience as we move step by step toward creating a new human order.

One key to the new year habitatsquarewill be moving to practical, down to earth methods of “working on ourselves” psychologically and physically – so we can strengthen ourselves as human beings. The second part of this process will be selfless service to others, which has a grand ideal but may be difficult to put into practice. Old idealistic notions of “perfect service” will tend to confuse our ability to genuinely offer service because we will be disillusioned rather than matter-of-fact and practical. We do not have to be perfect to offer service! This old perfectionism is coming from hundreds of years of conditioning and now can be transformed into simple acts of kindness and service. True compassion will help to acknowledge the misguided ideal while we strive to do the best we can.

2017 will also be a revolution in relationships that have become limited to personal connections and need to be broadened to a more global and inclusive context. This revolution will be necessary as we have isolated ourselves from others, sometimes creating discrimination. It will be about a broader definition of “love” in which we awaken to all people as part of our “family”. This process does not occur all at once but in fits and starts. The key will be to awaken the oneness of everyone rather than to divide us into subjective groups.

Creativity and self expression will also be a central part of the revolution. We have learned through fear to take life too seriously, so a new more joyful approach will gradually emerge. This will “lighten the load” both for individuals and for the planet. Activating good will become more joyful and creative as part of the process of realizing the unity of everyone and everything.


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