Eagle Video Productions Raises Awareness for Triangle Family Services

Eagle Video Production Raleigh NCEagle Video Productions is well known around the Triangle for boasting more than 20 years of award-winning video production, but they are no stranger to heroic acts of volunteerism. Founder and executive producer, Bruce Wittman explains:

Every year Eagle Video Productions Inc produces one fund-raising video for a worthy nonprofit. We produce a five minute video suitable for streaming over their website, donate 50 -100 DVDs, produce a HD TV PSA and a radio PSA. Each project is worth between $20,000 to $30,000.

Triangle family servicesEagle Video Honored to Give Back

This year, Eagle Video Productions is honored to create fund-raising and PSA videos for Triangle Family Services (TFS), a 77 year old human services agency that provides a safety net through financial stability, family safety, and mental health programs for families in crisis.

The core of Triangle Family Services is providing tools that move families from crisis to self-sufficiency, and they need an innovative, visual video strategy to highlight their lasting impact. Bruce is blown away by the progress TFS is making on shifting a generation away from relying on public assistance, and is excited to dive into this project head first.

We hope to tell their story, describe their successful programs, educate potential donors and highlight the fact that Triangle Family Services saves our county millions of tax-payer dollars each year. All this in five minutes or less!

Raising Awareness for Triangle Family Services

Triangle Family Services hopes that these videos will create a broader brand awareness that people can identify with and relate to, especially in the young professional demographic. The ultimate goal is for more families to learn about and enroll in services available to them, and for more potential donors to invest in program outcomes. Alice Lutz, CEO of TFS, is thrilled with their partnership with Eagle Video:

Bruce is taking the time; spending many hours in Triangle Family Services to get to know REALLY understand what we do, how we do it, and the impact it makes on our community. He listens, asks detailed questions, and creates content for the video. He is a true partner in so many ways. You could not have made a better “match” for us!

Bruce is currently spending time at the TFS office, interviewing volunteers, employees and donors in front of a green screen; if all goes well the video will be ready for the organization’s annual meeting in September. Bruce summed it up by saying,

Although producing a video is not easy, wanting to help Triangle Family Services is an easy choice.

For more information on how you can get involved in Activate Good’s Pro Heroes Initiative, contact us today by sending an email to: info@activategood.org!