Youth Are Our Future: Programming in 2017

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but Activate Good is growing.

Just in 2016, we’ve increased our nonprofit partners by 50 and nearly doubled our staff. But our local populations have grown, too – and that means community needs also are on the incline.

So where are we going? Where will we be by 2018? In the next 10 years? What will our volunteer community look like? How will the Triangle change? What can we do to make sure local nonprofits are getting the help they need?

There are plenty of questions to ask, and probably just as many answers. But one thing always rings true: Youth are our future.

So, in 2017, and beyond, Activate Good wants to engage more youth so they can activate their ideas and continue carrying the torch of change in the Triangle.

So here’s what we hope to do and see this year and in the future, and why:

  1. More Parent-Child Programming: 10620100_770929456311555_8013144380430881276_o
    We’ve hosted the annual Family Volunteer Day for the past few years, but hope to do even more. Parents set strong examples for their children, and that means that children who see their parents or guardians volunteer, and those whom are given a chance to join them, are more likely to volunteer on their own in the future. Help us set that example.
  2. Increased Opportunities for Teens Aged 13-17:
    We’ve noticed that if younger teens aren’t volunteering, it isn’t necessarily that they don’t want to. But in order to volunteer, they need to be given the chance, and parent’s aren’t always available to be with them during volunteer times (to no real fault of their own). Let’s see how we can fix that.
    (Did you even know that a teen can create an Activate Good account of their own as early as age 13?)
  3. More Issue Education in Youth:
    63155_414780125259825_1620897681_nWe believe that it’s never too early to learn, exercise empathy, and gain perspective. We just need to find the appropriate perspective and information for the right ages. Knowledge is power. Power can turn into passion. Passion can turn into influence. That’s what Activate Schools is here for!
  4. More Teen Ideas Being Utilized:
    Teens have ideas too! Sometimes, they’re amazingly thought out. Sometimes, the idea is a seed. Either way, they need an opportunity to evolve into something tangible and awe-inspiring.

Now here’s how you can help us start working towards these goals:

  1. 10371280_770929496311551_2556102503392272438_oParents & Guardians: Tell Us How You Feel
    Please take this survey; it should only take about 10-15 minutes. It’s broken into questions about volunteering with different youth age groups, allowing you to select what best describes your household. So you only need to answer what directly applies to you. (Hint: If you select “Multiple Age Groups,” the survey will filter through each section, but you can skip through the section that doesn’t apply to you.)
  2. Teens: Talk It Out
    d4698a39c38be49c5cb6a75105ad74bf3bda7ee5Join us for a focus group session! Leading up to our annual Teen Day(s) of Service, we’re offering three sessions next month (February 6, 7, and 8, 2017; 4-6pm) at our office at Loading Dock Raleigh (1053 E Whitaker Mill Rd. Suite 115, Raleigh, NC 27604). Each session is the same, so please only register for one (click here to get started!). We’ll complete a survey, discuss why some results came out the way they did, including how to fix a problem or jump start a potential program. We’ll especially take time to discuss any project ideas that are brought to the table, and provide the proposing teens the opportunity to flush out, plan, and lead such projects this year.
  3. Nonprofits, Youth, & Parent Groups: Reach Out to Us
    We’ll be reaching out to our nonprofit partners over time, but if you’re already interested in uncovering how you can bulk up and post volunteer opportunities on our website for teens between the ages of 13-17 (especially ages 13, 14, and 15!) and/or families, please reach out. Youth and parent groups are also welcome to reach out to speak to a volunteer coordinator about group projects and how to get involved. Email today.
  4. Become an Office Volunteer or Intern
    Interested in helping behind the scenes to beef up youth programming? You may be a great fit for an Activate Good internship or administrative volunteer opportunity. Must be 18 years old or older:

    1. Fund Development and Grantwriting Volunteer/Intern
    2. Spring 2017 Youth Programs Volunteer/Intern
    3. Marketing and Social Media Volunteer/Intern
    4. Youth Admin Volunteer
  5. Join Us on Social Media:
    Follow Activate Schools on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Share our youth opportunities with others whom would be interested, and encourage others to join us too!
  6. Save the Dates:
    More info will be coming in the following months about these annual volunteer events:
    Teen Days of Service: April 21 & 22, 2017 (Interested in volunteering as a group? Let us know!)
    National Volunteer Week: April 23-29, 2017 (Interested in volunteering as a group? Let us know!)
    9/11 Day of Service: September 11, 2017
    Family Volunteer Day: November 18, 2017

There you have it! We’ll keep everyone updated as time goes on, but this is a start.

ActivateSchools_Logo2015_HorizontalAbout Activate Schools
Activate Schools is an Activate Good initiative to empower the next generation of young volunteers and community leaders. What does this look like? Educational offerings for teens and families, opportunities for discussion and youth leadership, annual days of service, volunteer projects with Activate Good and our nonprofit partners, and more!

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