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Can’t Find the Service Project You’re Looking For? Make Your Own Way!

Recognizing a need + Realizing your potential to do something + Taking action = “Making your own way!” Feel free to try all the one-off volunteer opportunities you’d like until you find your niche, but if you know you have a particular passion, or possibly a skill or hobby that can benefit a nonprofit in a …

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Family Volunteering for the Bigger Picture

Parents and guardians typically begin volunteering with their families as a chance to have fun together (away from the requirements of work and home) and pay-it-forward to others that may not be as fortunate. It’s something you choose to do to establish good roots and set examples. As a whole family, volunteering is an opportunity to strengthen …

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Family Reflection Time Is Important

Why: Think of reflection as a time for encouragement to continue doing others good, and prepare to have a meaningful conversation. Reflecting on your family volunteer experience allows everyone – especially children – to clarify any new emotions, lessons or information learned; recognize their accomplishments and who they helped; understand the cause, their community, and …

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