Custom Volunteer Projects: Request for Proposal

Custom Volunteer Projects: Request for Proposal

The form below is a Request for Proposal for a single, one-time custom project or day of service, including but not limited to team-building outings, large conferences, multi-project service days, and more.

Are you seeking a proposal for an annual Volunteer Scheduling Partnership including multiple scheduled volunteer activities? Complete our Volunteer Scheduling Partnership Request for Proposal here, instead.

For definitions of project and fee types, please visit our FAQs.

Partner with Activate Good to develop a custom volunteer project or day of service for your team!
  • Proposal Details

  • Does your team have a specific budget range that must be considered in the development of this proposal? If so, indicate that budget amount here. Budgets are used to cover our staff time and other resources, and purchase necessary project supplies.
  • Please allow at least 4-6 weeks for sufficient planning time.
  • If you are flexible or open to recommendations for your project times, indicate that below.
  • Please enter a number from 2 to 5000.
  • Some volunteer activities have certain age requirements.
  • Check all that apply. If no causes are selected, Activate Good will make a recommendation based on current needs.
  • Check all that apply. All contracts automatically include, at a minimum, volunteer activity sourcing and development, supply purchases and transportation, logistics coordination, leadership and instruction on site, and a post-project 1 page digital report.
  • After submitting any request, a period of time is needed to allow opportunity to discuss your needs/vision, confirm a beneficiary's needs/abilities, finalize paperwork - including payment prior to supply purchases - and more to prepare for an awesome service event. The rush fee helps cover additional costs incurred by Activate Good during a short-notice project to ensure a quick turnaround, including but not limited to staff overtime, hiring additional short-term help, expedited shipping of supplies, etc.