Custom Service Projects and Events: Request for Proposal

Custom Service Projects and Events: Request for Proposal

Activate Good provides networking and sponsorship opportunities – as well as custom services for volunteer teambuilding and other needs, which can help you boost goals for conferences, Corporate Social Responsibility, HR, and more. Our custom services can be scaled and suitable for companies and teams of all sizes in the Raleigh-Durham / Triangle area of North Carolina.

The form below is a Request for Proposal for a single/one-time custom project or event; projects/events may include, but are not limited to: team-building outings, large conferences, multi-project service days, and more.

Are you seeking a proposal for an annual Custom Service Calendar (Booking Service), including multiple scheduled volunteer activities? Complete our Custom Service Calendar Request for Proposal here, instead.

For definitions of project and fee types, policies, and more please visit our FAQs.

When you work with Activate Good to make your employee volunteer events and programming happen, you’re not just impacting the beneficiary organizations of your team’s time. You’re also impacting Activate Good, a registered 501c3. Extra do-good points! What does that mean? Well, your support helps us continue our mission to: Provide leadership and other programming to youth and schools, volunteer recruitment support to our local nonprofit partners, and more – at no cost to them! Learn more about our mission here and here.