Custom Service Calendar

An Annual Booking Service Partnership That Supports Your Do-Gooding Teams Regularly or As Needed

Want to hold regular days of service for corporate team building, Corporate Social Responsibility, or HR – or other needs, like getting team families or clients out and about together? Need support for team leaders’ group service outings as needed?

All companies have different  needs, and their goals for employee volunteer programs, corporate social responsibility, HR, and more can vary. One of our custom services to help lighten the work load for companies and their teams come in the form of a calendar. Activate Good can create a Custom Service Calendar of volunteer projects just for your team – whether you need ad hoc projects by request, or to volunteer with a set frequency (bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.). We’ll do the legwork for you the whole year!

For each service project date on your Custom Service Calendar – or ad hoc requests agreed to – we’ll vet, coordinate, and schedule activities on your behalf. The Support Fees associated with your annual partnership act as a retainer for our ongoing and detailed services and covers only the time necessary for our team to handle all the details in advance of each project on your behalf. These partnerships further help us continue our mission and day-to-day support for the Triangle’s community of nonprofits and volunteers!

Custom Service Calendar support provided by Activate Good includes:

  • coordination with you to establish your set calendar dates and/or establish an online ad hoc request form exclusive to your teams;
  • scoping suitable project options based on your preferred cause areas, group size, etc.;
  • providing a menu of options for your consideration, and coordinating with you to confirm your chosen projects;
  • collecting, compiling, and communicating all necessary details for the volunteer group (date and time, location and parking, suggested or required dress, what to bring, etc.);
  • and making our online volunteer sign up system available to manage registrations.

Support Fees usually begin at 7$/volunteer per contract, but can increase depending on a company’s operational needs and requests.

Optionally (for set annual service calendars only, not ad hoc), Activate Good can provide extra staff support at your project(s) for an increased fee, including:

  • facilitate check-in and confirm attendance;
  • support the nonprofit host with setup and task implementation (as needed);
  • and provide staff photography and a one-page impact infographic (either per project or per year) so you can share project impacts with your team.

Ready to get started?

Awesome – we’d love to work with you! The best way to get an accurate quote is to submit your RFP today to let Activate Good know you would like our support for a Custom Service Calendar, and convey critical details like your budget and more.

Please note that, depending on your team’s budget and only for calendar partnerships with set dates, your Custom Service Calendar can include Portable Projects brought to your office. Requests for such projects constitute a separate proposal to accurately distinguish related fees. The starting price per head noted above does not apply, and fees will include supply costs. See Custom Project details, including Portable and At Will Portable Projects, and complete that RFP here.

Be sure to check out our Corporate FAQs page for general definitions of project and fee types, RFP tips and info, and more!

Testimonials & Examples

Red Hat

Not only do about 200 Red Hat employees use to regularly connect with everyday volunteer opportunities, but the company also partners with us to facilitate ad hoc team building service opportunities throughout the year, complete with an exclusive request form. We help connect teams ranging in size from 5-200 with volunteer opportunities near Red Hat Tower in Downtown Raleigh. Since 2017, we have made hundreds and hundreds of volunteer connections for Red Hatters to countless volunteer projects and events! Since 2017, we estimate a minimum of 1,000 Red Hat volunteers per year, amounting to roughly $203,440 worth of service benefiting local causes when based on the average value of a volunteer hour.

“Working for a large corporation, Activate Good has been my resource in handling multiple volunteer events. Every event is carefully considered and detailed with all the logistics of the event. My experience working with Activate Good has simplified our corporate goal to make a difference in our community. It has been a great opportunity for our associates to make an impact within our community.” –Yolanda Guerra, Program Manager of Communications and Change Management, Red Hat

Leaf & Limb

Leaf & Limb began working with Activate Good in 2017 under a Custom Service Calendar. Though they had a longstanding company belief in volunteering under an awesome in-house initiative called Project Pando, and practice awesome Corporate Social Responsibility standards, they needed more support to make their efforts seamless so they could focus on business. Since working with Activate Good alone, the company has taken on about 36 projects (one per month), each accommodating roughly 25 volunteers. That amounts to an estimated 2,700 volunteer hours, or the equivalent to $68,661 worth of service and savings for causes (learn more about the value of a volunteer hour here). Projects range from putting their professional tree services to good use to painting and more. They love digging into a good project and aren’t afraid to do what needs done and get their hands dirty.

We have SO enjoyed working with Krystal, Rose, and all the other fantastic folks at Activate Good! In 2017, we started our Employee Volunteer Program with the goal of providing a positive impact on local non-profits. We began volunteering on the first Friday of every month with all of our staffs’ favorite non-profits. But we quickly discovered it takes a tremendous amount of work to make connections, create plans, and execute these events. We also had some events that were total duds because we were not able to properly vet the event in advance. It was more than we could handle. So we turned to Activate Good for help. They have built numerous connections locally and have a wealth of experience in planning events. Their relationships, knowledge, and experience have enabled us to pursue our original intent (creating a positive impact) without getting bogged down by the complexities of organizing. Along the way, Activate Good introduced us to all sorts of other fantastic initiatives, non-profits, and individuals – opportunities we would never have had on our own.
We have been so pleased with Activate Good and we LOVE what they stand for! If you are a company/organization thinking of starting a volunteer program (or if you have one already), save yourself the headache of making connections, organizing, finding good causes, vetting opportunities, etc. Instead, use Activate Good. This is what they are good at, their purpose for being; and they are AMAZING! I cannot recommend them highly enough.
-Basil Camu, Chief Vision Officer & Wizard of Things