Corporate Volunteer Scheduling: Request for Proposal

Corporate Volunteer Scheduling: Request for Proposal

The form below is a Request for Proposal for an annual Service Calendar Partnership with Activate Good, which would include multiple scheduled volunteer activities throughout the year of partnership.

Are you seeking a proposal for a single, one-time Project or Day of Service instead? Complete our One-Time Project Request for Proposal here, instead.


Partner with Activate Good to develop a custom volunteer project calendar for your team for the year!
  • Proposal Details

  • Does your team have a specific budget range that must be considered in the development of this proposal? If so, indicate that budget amount here.
  • How frequently does your team wish to volunteer throughout the proposed annual partnership with Activate Good? If you selected "Ad Hoc" above, choose the answer that most closely fits your team's vision, or fill in the "Other" option with a more specific answer.

    Note: Seeking a proposal for a single one-time project or day of service? Complete our one-time project Request for Proposal linked at the top of this page instead.

  • Check all that apply. If no causes are selected, Activate Good will make a recommendation based on current needs.
  • Check all that apply. All partnership types automatically include, at a minimum, volunteer activity sourcing, referrals, and date and time scheduling for the number of projects and volunteers desired.
  • Please allow lead time of at least 6 weeks before the date of your first volunteer activity for the Activate Good team to confirm our partnership and begin building your schedule.