Family Volunteering

It’s Never Too Early To Do Good Together

You may have read this blog and nodded your head along the way, and that’s great – you can browse family-friendly opportunities here now! But if you got to the end and said – “But, how?” – we understand. You may have difficulty finding an opportunity for certain ages or interests, or maybe you can’t find a way to make transportation or scheduling work for everyone all the time. Please know that you have options!

Portable Projects

Portable projects are great for everyone!

Activate Good works with portable projects all the time, and you can too. Finding a balance between juggling schedules and resources like transportation can be a challenge, but if you have any free time together in your day or week at all, you can do a portable project for a cause you care about. These projects typically help an organization accomplish something and free up their internal manpower, or provide them with a resource supply. It could be as simple as writing letters or knitting blankets.

Not sure where to start? Email us! We can help you by offering recommendations and introductions to organizations that may have needs and ideas that you can help with from home.

Group Volunteering

Group opportunities are great for ways to engage your family. When you know you’ll already be supporting each other in a group event or effort, it makes it easier to find time to volunteer and include others in your do-gooding fun too.

Days of Service

9/11 Commemoration & Service Event at Red Hat Amphitheater, 2016

For our annual days of service, we typically offer two types of project options: On-site group projects at a nonprofit’s location – and hands-on, family-friendly portable options at a signature event. For Family Volunteer Day each November, we host our signature Craft for a Cause event, at which we offer a series of stations with different projects that benefit local causes. Past project stations have ranged from no-sew pet blankets for shelters, first responder appreciation kits, to hygiene kits for the homeless. During our Teen Days of Service, we typically match youth and family groups to on-site projects at a nonprofit, ranging from cleaning and sorting to gardening and trailblazing.

Corporate Community Days

Yes, we organize projects for companies too. If your company hosts any form of community day, you have the perfect opportunity to incorporate a service project element for your family to join you! This would likely entail a portable project brought to your company or event location. Want to discuss more? Email us to explore options!

Meet Our Nonprofit Partners

Some of our nonprofit partners have ongoing needs that you can help with from home on your own time. Explore these nonprofits, get in touch with their missions, and browse opportunities on our site that you can help with remotely. But don’t be afraid to reach out to us or a cause you care about to see what they need help with. Maybe you can see what items they need and host a neighborhood donation drive (but always ask first). Maybe you can make cards or write letters for special occasions, design decorations, or help with outreach. Just ask!

Make It Stick

Regardless of the route you take to volunteering with your family, it always helps to reflect afterward. “Family Reflection Time Is Important” will help get you started with all the ins and outs of reflecting as a family. If you’re looking for other possible ways to support service learning at home, visit Learn, Reflect & Support (Page Coming Soon!)

Family Reflection Time Is Important

Can’t find the service project you’re looking for? Consider starting your own project, and find tips here.