Family Reflection Time Is Important

Here’s a brief why and how-to for you to get started.

Family Reflection Time Is Important

Why: Think of reflection as a time for encouragement to continue doing others good, and prepare to have a meaningful conversation. Reflecting on your family volunteer experience allows everyone – especially children – to clarify any new emotions, lessons or information learned; recognize their accomplishments and who they helped; understand the cause, their community, and family members better; and gain feedback or think through new ideas. All reflection helps create a deeper, better experience that can help develop volunteering into a smart, healthy habit.

How: Reflection can take the form of a group discussion or having a conversation with someone who was not part of the experience; writing, drawing or other forms of creativity; research, analysis, planning, and more. No matter the method, emphasize accomplishments, new knowledge, and future goals.

When: Try talking about the volunteer experience before, during, and after any service project to not only help uncover what someone may already know or want to know about the project’s cause, but also examine what’s been learned or realized through the project.

Questions to Get Started:

  • What do you know about this cause already?
  • Who are you helping? And how will your effort make a difference?
  • How did the experience make you feel? What did you think about the project?
  • Did you learn anything new? Did anything surprise you? If so, what?
  • What questions do you have? Any new ideas?
  • How can you keep helping this cause, or other causes?

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