Feed the Wiki! Multiply the Good!

Feed the Wiki! Multiply the Good!

Introducing: The Triangle Cause Wiki

Are you passionate about a local cause? Do you want to motivate others to join you? Would you like to make an impact on an issue while volunteering from home or your phone? Thinking of volunteering for a cause but want to know more? Looking for your next volunteering adventure, but not sure where to start?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the new Triangle Cause Wiki is for you!

The Triangle Cause Wiki will make it easy for locals to share and gain knowledge about Triangle area issues and causes. With 20 causes to learn about and take action on, there is something for everyone to get passionate about.

At Activate Good, we’re dedicated to making a volunteer’s experience as meaningful as possible. When you are an informed volunteer, you can measure your success and stay motivated and inspired to keep going.

Contribute Knowledge to the Triangle Cause Wiki

We know folks are busy. One person may not have time to research all the issues — So why not share the effort? In just a few minutes, you can be a Wiki research volunteer using your own phone or computer by researching a cause you’re passionate about and submitting that knowledge to the Triangle Cause Wiki. Others will do the same, until collectively, bit by bit, many locals have worked together to build up an amazing knowledge base about causes in our area! Sharing the knowledge saves time (which can be spent on more volunteering!); learning from others gives a perspective we might not have found through our own research.

Local volunteers and do-gooders have a wealth of knowledge to share! Every time you volunteer, you are learning about local issues. Whether you are mentoring a student, harvesting in a community garden, or serving a meal to a senior, you are gaining knowledge you can share to motivate others to work on that cause.

“We wanted to come up with a way to share information about issues that our local community faces, and connect those issues directly to action,” said Amber Smith, Activate Good’s executive director. “On each page of the Wiki will be a link to volunteer to impact the issue someone has just read about.”

Sometimes you want the personal touch of another person’s story. Sometimes you want to be compelled to act by some startling research. Whatever stirs you to action, we want it to come through knowledge of the issues and how they’re affecting real people in the Triangle.

Even just 15 minutes spent researching and submitting information can lead to new knowledge for a member of our community. And new knowledge can spark motivation to work on a cause.

So How Do I Get Started?

Browse the 20 issues on our Wiki home page. Find one that sparks your interest.

Think about what you already know about the issue from volunteering, reading about it, or personal experience. If you’re already working on a cause, you may consider interviewing a local nonprofit leader. Or you can share your own volunteering story.

Learn something new!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Start with the Activate Good website. Check out our list of community partners. We have links to the nonprofits’ websites. You can find a lot of information just from reading the “About Us” section.

Many nonprofit websites are chock full of information. The Alzheimer’s Association even has a virtual library.

Using an internet search to find information, but not sure if you’ll find reputable information? Try your search using one of these 100 search engines that specializes in research.

Don’t have time to research? As you’re reading the news, keep an eye out for information about issues such as education, poverty, and the environment.


Get out there and volunteer. Bring back what you’ve learned and share it on the Wiki!

You can have a voice. You can make a difference. We can’t wait hear from you!

Want to know more about the Triangle Cause Wiki and how to submit your knowledge? Do you already have knowledge to share? Submit it here!