Frontline Families Volunteer to Grow Produce, Aid Women

Frontline Families Volunteer to Grow Produce, Aid Women

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Families Volunteer to Take Action

Back on July 16, 2016, Activate Good hosted an all-day conference of sorts as part of the Frontline Families initiative. The fourteen attendees represented all walks of life – veterans, current service members, military family members, and civilians.

To start the day, everyone had the opportunity to discuss various issues facing our communities – including poverty, education, health, and the environment – how they impact our communities, and what could potentially be done to alleviate them. They also learned how to start planning their own community service projects! At the end of the day, two groups of Volunteer Leaders went on to begin planning two separate community service projects, each representing at least one topic discussed earlier in the day – and both occurring during our 9/11 Weekend of Service. Here’s what happened:


The GCF Frontline Families volunteer group in the garden! Tylor: Black shirt, sunglasses, and hat; he might be hiding behind the white shirt in front. Cathy: Lime green to the far left; feeling sweaty, but satisfied. Nick: Back center, repping the blue McGill shirt and shades ... hiding in the shade of the statue. Andrew’s also hiding somewhere in the back near Nick, and the shade. Lucky Guys.

Grow Produce for Communities: Saturday, September 10, 2016 – 9am-12pm

In 2015,  the Goodwill Community Foundation was able to donate over 112,000 pounds of produce, grown right on its local farm in Durham, NC. Thanks to the hard work of volunteers, that produce supported not only Inter-Faith Food Shuttle, but also the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina.

GCFCOLLARDS3Continuing their mission to help local communities in need, GCF requested volunteers to help around the farm on September 10, 2016. Our Frontline Families Volunteer Leaders Tylor, Cathy, Andrew, and Nick accepted the task, and recruited some other volunteers to join them.

Picking okra with a smile!

But they wanted to go a step further by fundraising and purchasing some tools for their project, and finally leaving the items as a donation to the farm. So a big THANKS goes out to McGill Environmental Systems for supporting this project with their generous donation! With their funding, the team was able to purchase various tools for the farm, including buckets, shovels and rakes!

The planted sweet potatoes!

The GCF crew was more than happy to receive the donation – and the hard work of these volunteerswho helped harvest okra and sunflower seeds, and plant sweet potatoes and collards. (There may have even been some horse feeding worked in for fun, too!)

Goodie Bags for Women: Saturday, September 10, 2016 – 2-5pm

Deb, Alec, Andrew, Aaron, and Tara!The second service project adopted by attendees on July 16 benefited homeless women sheltered at the Helen Wright Center in Downtown Raleigh, a facility of the Urban Ministries of Wake County. Urban Ministries requested “goodie bags” to surprise the women sheltered there with some much needed items to help them along in their journey to a new home.

UMBAGWhile this project was scheduled for assembly and delivery during our 9/11 Weekend of Service, Volunteer Leaders Deb and Tara, with their sons Alec, Andrew, and Aaron (Andrew and Alec Also volunteered at the earlier GCF project), worked to fundraise and collect donated items throughout the entire month of August! Items on the list included clean clothes, such as socks and PJs, snacks, reusable water bottles, hygeine items, wash clothes, combination locks to keep their new items safe, and much more!

This team definitely couldn’t have done it without the generosity of their friends and donors, including Harris Teeter and Sebastian and Spaulding Dentistry!


Super Dog, Layla Zahavi-Hare, in action - donating sloppy kisses for all, and proving Anybody Can Be Somebody's Hero!

Tail-wagging, smile-inducing Super Dog and Activate Good Mascot for a Day, Layla Zahavi-Hare, rushed in for the assembly process on September 10 to keep morale and her fellow Super Heroes soaring high.



 Thank you to all our volunteers who took on these efforts and all other efforts during our 9/11 Weekend of Service!

About Frontline Families & Americorps
Frontline Families is a military initiative that Points of Light launched in January 2016 with support from Americorps. Activate Good is currently the only NC host site! This military initiative aims to aid reintegration and increase the well being of the military community through social activity and volunteerism.

About Activate Good’s 9/11 Weekend of Service

To mark the 15th anniversary of 9/11, Activate Good hosted not just one Day of Service – but three. As part of the September 11th National Day of Service and Remembrance movement launched in 2002, Activate Good aims to rally volunteers to give back to their communities in positive ways in memory of that day and all those lost. Our 2016 9/11 Weekend of Service hosted nearly 120 projects with over 50 local Triangle nonprofits. Thanks to all who volunteered with us this year!

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