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Family Volunteer Day Map & Project Descriptions

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Family Volunteer Day is a self-guided, free-flowing event. There are many unique ways to plug in, learn, and serve worthy causes and activate good in our community. Family Volunteer Day has 10 volunteer stations to choose from! Scroll down for descriptions of the volunteer projects!

Venture Hall, Marbles Kids Museum

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Project Descriptions

Mission: We provide quality clothing to homeless and impoverished children and families with dignity and love.

1. Note in the Pocket

Socks & Undies Drive and Sort

Suggested Volunteer Ages – Youth Ages 2 and up with Parents

The Service Project:  SOCKS & UNDIES DRIVE – Activate Good is teaming up with our community partner, Note in the Pocket, to host a Socks and Undies Drive. Please help to fill their mission of clothing Children with dignity and love by donating NEW socks and undies in original, sealed packaging. All sizes are needed – toddler to adult!

We include notes of support with all of our mini-wardrobes. Please draw a picture or write a note of encouragement to wish our students a great school year!

The Impact:  Your donations will help to clothe hundreds of children in need! 

Mission: To engage and educate our community about the importance of childhood literacy and to increase access to literacy resources and opportunities for all children.

2. Wake Up and Read

Donate Books AND Join the #IAmAReader Campaign

Suggested Volunteer Ages – Youth Ages 7 and up with Parents

The Service Projects: 

Book Drive –   Good Donation Books Include:  New or gently-read books for babies & children up to age 12 

  • board, picture, nonfiction, or chapter books 
  • books that reflect the diversity of our community 
  • books that children and families will be proud to own  

#IAmaReader Campaign – Share the love of reading to create a culture of literacy in Wake County! Our Campaign Goals:

  • Raise awareness of the importance of literacy
  • Generate enthusiasm for reading by forming personal connections to books
  • Share tips with fellow parents about literacy in your homes

 All are welcome and encouraged to join the #IAmAReader Campaign as we work together to improve early childhood literacy in Wake County.

The Impact:  Hundreds of books will be donated and given to growing learners! Additionally, the #IamaReader campaign highlights many of the readers in our community and their favorite books to encourage literacy. 

Mission: We believe that in order to empower survivors of human trafficking, we must start addressing the gaps that exist in services that are available. Our mission is to bridge those gaps in order to reach underserved communities and spread community awareness on the issue of human trafficking.

3. The Bridge International

Create Kits for Farmworkers

Suggested Volunteer Ages – Youth Ages 2 and up with Parents

The Service Project: Volunteers will assemble kits to be distributed to farmworkers. These kits are an opportunity to provide some basic resources and information on human trafficking for this vulnerable community.

The Impact: Help to spread awareness and assemble hundreds of kits for farmworkers.

Mission:  Marbles mission is to spark imagination, discovery and learning through play.

4. Marbles Kids Museum

Exhibit & Event Prep

Suggested Volunteer Ages – Youth Ages 6 and up with Parents

The Service Project:  Help prep activity materials for our exhibits and upcoming events. This is a behind-the-scenes opportunity, and can involve cutting, prepping props, assembling, and more. You will work as a group to tackle various projects. 

Our exhibits and events promote creativity, self-confidence and help kids discover who they are and what they like. Our exhibits, programs and events require lots of materials and preparation that are essential to the experience for our guests.

The Impact: Volunteers will help to prepare materials for several hundred guests! Marbles serves over 400,000 guests annually including over 60,000 through reduced prices admission, accessible programming and community access.

Mission: Urban Ministries of Wake County engages our community to serve and advocate on behalf of those affected by poverty by providing food and nutrition, promoting health and wellness and by laying the foundations of home.

5. Urban Ministries of Wake County

Decorate Paper Bags for the Food Pantry

Suggested Volunteer Ages – Youth Ages 2 and up with Parents

The Service Project: Decorate the grocery bags for the Food Pantry at Urban Ministries of Wake County with uplifting messages and pictures. These bags are filled with groceries and given out to those who come through the Food Pantry weekly.  Ideas for decoration include animals, flowers, smiley faces, landscapes, etc. Include encouraging messages like: “Keep on Keeping On!”  “You’re Awesome!” “Smile!” “Make Today Great!”  “Sending Good Vibes Your Way!”

The Impact:  Hundreds of Food Pantry recipients will receive the bags filled with groceries, and your kind messages on the decorated bags will bring some cheer to their days.

Mission:  We preserve and restore the natural environment for the benefit of future generations through hands-on activities, community engagement, and environmental education bringing harmony to all life.

6. We Plant it Forward

Find & Sort the Golden Tree Seeds

Suggested Volunteer Ages – Youth Ages 5 and up with Parents

The Service Project:  Volunteers will help We Plant it Forward Staff to remove seeds from pods, shells or fruit. This is the first step of processing the tree seeds.  We will need help sorting healthy tree seeds from unhealthy tree seeds. We will place the tree seeds in a storage container and label the seeds after we have processed them. 

The Impact:  These seeds will go to Project Pando where the staff and volunteers will grow the trees from seed. When the trees have grown, Project Pando will give the trees out to nonprofit organizations, local municipalities and small farmers for planting in the community FOR FREE.

Mission:  Amy's Rays of Sunshine is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization founded by Amy Steeves to pay forward the love and support that she received from her amazing community during her own bone marrow transplant in 2019.

7. Amy's Rays of Sunshine

Make Cards for Bone Marrow Patients

Suggested Volunteer Ages – Youth Ages 2 and up with Parents

The Service Project: During a bone marrow transplant, patients undergo a prolonged period of isolation while their body is healing. The physical recovery can last for months and be an emotionally difficult and isolating time.  Amy’s Rays of Sunshine gives young adult patients in the Triangle NC area who are starting their bone marrow transplant a box of 90 inspirational and caring messages so that they can have something to lift their spirits and brighten their day during this challenging 90-day period.  Volunteers will learn about Amy’s Ray of Sunshine while making cards with personal messages for bone marrow transplant patients. 

The Impact: Hundreds of cards with uplifting messages will go to patients undergoing bone marrow transplants in the Triangle. 

Mission:  Honor the service of our Military and First Responders by creating opportunities to express gratitude.

8. Operation Gratitude

Write Letters to the Troops

Suggested Volunteer Ages – Youth Ages 6 and up with Parents

The Service Project: Writing a letter is a meaningful way for Americans to say “Thank You” support for all who serve. It only takes five minutes of your day but will bring lasting joy to the recipients. Operation Gratitude includes handwritten letters in every Care Package sent to Military and First Responders. In these unprecedented times, our heroes need our unwavering support. Taking the time to put pen to paper and share your heartfelt thoughts can be what motivates a First Responder or a service member.

The Impact: Hundreds of gratitude letters will be sent to our troops!

Mission:  Our mission is to provide Help and Hope to low-income and no income families

9. The Help Center North Carolina

Assemble Senior Kits & Make Kindness Cards

Suggested Volunteer Ages – Youth Ages 2 and up with Parents

The Service Project: Volunteers will assemble items into care kits for seniors. They will also make homemade cards to attach to each bag. 

The Impact: Volunteers will help to spread joy to hundreds of seniors with kindness cards and care kits.

Mission:  Alliance Medical Ministry provides comprehensive, compassionate and affordable healthcare to working, uninsured adults in Wake County.

10. Alliance Medical Ministry

Assemble Hygiene Kits

Suggested Volunteer Ages – Youth Ages 2 and up with Parents

The Service Project: Volunteers will assemble hygiene kits to be distributed to those that Alliance Medical Ministry serves. 

The Impact: 1,500 hygiene kits will be assembled by volunteers.

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