NCSU 2019 Interns: Meet Abigail!

NCSU 2019 Interns: Meet Abigail!

Looking for volunteer opportunities in Raleigh, Durham, or around the Triangle? See our up-to-date list of needs from hundreds of local nonprofits.


This fall, we’ve welcomed another cycle of interns from the COMM 466 class at NC State. The class is an introduction to nonprofit leadership and development, and we’re excited to share what we’ve learned in our own journeys with interns each semester!

What are some cool things about you?

“I’m majoring in business, with a concentration in Human Resources, because I would like to work with employees through training and development to reach their career goals and help them feel more satisfaction in their job. I am a book lover who has a minor obsession with Lord of the Rings, though my cat Kookie thinks that reading is a waste of time that would be better spent petting her.”


Why is volunteering meaningful to you?

“I believe [volunteering] helps build community and spark conversations that would not happen otherwise. It gives people a chance to talk to others who come from different circumstances and probably have a different outlook on life, and I really value those opportunities to connect with other people. I also have a passion for any kind of volunteering that has to do with the environment (which may label me as a low-key tree hugger. Trees deserve hugs too is all I’m saying!)”


What community impact do you want to have?

I would like to help more people become aware of the abundance of volunteer opportunities within their own community. I also want to help them see the impact their volunteer efforts can have on the community, as well as the value that they gain from volunteering. Volunteering in the past has provided me with some valuable insights about myself and I want to encourage others to also incorporate volunteering into their day to day lives so they also find that value.”


Thank you to the NC State and Miss Mindy for your continued partnership!

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Take Action

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