2019 NCSU Interns: Meet Connie!

2019 NCSU Interns: Meet Connie!

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This fall, we’re welcoming another cycle of interns from the COMM 466 class at NC State. The class is an introduction to nonprofit leadership and development, and we’re excited to share what we’ve learned in our own journeys with interns each semester!

What are some cool things about you?

“I am from a small town outside of Asheville, North Carolina, but I now live in Raleigh for school. I am a junior in Industrial Systems Engineering (which is a bit more nerdy than cool) at NC State. At NC State I’m most involved in Engineers Without Borders, the Goodnight Scholars Program, and research! My current research involves spontaneous volunteer convergence (aka the people who help out after natural disasters) which is super cool because it is such an interdisciplinary topic. When I’m not doing homework, research, or extracurriculars I tend to relax with my friends and their dogs, read, and do photography!”


Why is volunteering meaningful to you?

“Everyday we are bombarded with the negative; news of new tragedies, new conflicts, new disasters, etc. [Volunteering] reminds me of just how much good, empathy, and love exists in the world. It positively impacts everyone and everything involved. Service can bring two opposing groups together for a common goal and creates new and lasting relationships. Service can help people face and work through the biggest challenges in life. Service can help put things into perspective. Service can bring hope to the most hopeless circumstances. Service can do anything, if only you choose to give time and effort.”


What community impact do you want to have?

“Before I came to college, my overarching goal was to help someone, somewhere in whatever I ended up doing. After two years of seeing how much is possible, my overarching goal is to help as many people as possible in the most sustainable way possible. I wanted to work with Activate Good because I knew this would be an amazing way to do just that. I also want to help someone else see the kind of impact it is possible to have. Even if it means just spending an hour a week [volunteering to help] a cause or area you are passionate about. Be the change you wish to see in the world!”


Thank you to NC State and Miss Mindy for your continued partnership!

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