Get to know our Spring Interns: Meet Crosby!

Get to know our Spring Interns: Meet Crosby!

This spring we’re also welcoming interns from William Peace University. We’re so grateful to have so many awesome young leaders with us during this especially exciting and meaningful season!

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Tell us about you!

I’m a senior Psychology major at William Peace University, just outside of downtown Raleigh. I chose psychology as my discipline because I am fascinated by people- how we interact with one another, how we understand ourselves, and how we operate in the world around us. After I graduate, I plan on going to graduate school to get a Masters in Social Work. Other than my studies, I love going to concerts, trying every flavor of ice cream I can, and telling all the dogs I meet that I love them.

What does service mean to you? 

To me, service is kindness in action. One of my lifelong heroes is Mister Rogers, and I take his approach to kindness very seriously. I believe that we all have an obligation to one another, in good times and in bad, and service is a way of honoring that obligation to the people around us as well as ourselves. Service is an act of intention and love; it’s a way to show people, “I see you and I care about you.”

What will you be helping Activate Good with?

This semester, I am helping Activate Good with the Kid’s Zone in the Good Hub Pop
Up. I am thrilled to be part of a team that designs and implements service projects for
volunteers of all ages. We have some truly exciting things planned for the Kid’s Zone,
and I’m excited to work alongside some of our do-gooders in their mission to make our
community a better place.

What are you looking forward to the most in the upcoming Good Hub POP UP? 

Aside from the Kid’s Zone (of course!), I’m most excited to see the way that the Good Hub brings people together. It’s beautiful to have a central meeting place for people of all different backgrounds to get together and make a true difference in our community.

Take Action

Take Action

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