Get to know our Spring Interns: Meet Madison!

Get to know our Spring Interns: Meet Madison!

We needed some extra support to focus on elements of Youth Programs this semester, and were able to bring on a graduate student from NCSU! We’re excited to have Madison assist us in bringing local youth together to make an impact.

Tell us about you!

I recently moved here from New Jersey in August, so am quite new to the area. I am in my first year of the two-year Master’s in Public Administration program at NC State. I am focusing on Nonprofit Management for my Master’s, as I have always known that I wanted to be involved with nonprofits and helping people in some capacity. When I am not doing work for school, I am interning at Activate Good as well as at the Red Cross in Raleigh so that I may learn the various ways to make an impact on my local community through my future work. 

Why do you want to be involved in youth programs?

Before moving to Raleigh, I volunteered with my local Food Bank where children were provided not only meals, but opportunities to play games and be active. I have always had an interest in youth programs because I understand the importance of providing youth with opportunities to be involved in the community. It is so easy for youth to get wrapped up in computers and TV, but offering them the chance to join a local sports camp or give back to their neighbors through service is a great way to get them involved. Whether they are 5 years old or 18 years old, opening their eyes up to the world of volunteering and community engagement could change their lives. I have been volunteering since I was a teen, and I know from first-hand experience that that feeling cannot be replaced. I hope to help bring those feelings of warmth and joy to the youth, the future of our world, through programs to create a culture of giving and need for community involvement.