Wake Tech 2019 Interns: Meet Kyla!

Wake Tech 2019 Interns: Meet Kyla!

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Thanks to a partnership with Wake Tech, Activate Good welcomes two new interns to help us make sure this year’s Teens Change the World! Summer Program is the best it can be! We’re excited to have Kyla join us in bringing local youth together to make an impact.

What are some cool things about you?

“As an aspiring doctor, I want to help people manage (and even cure!) genetic disorders and conditions, as well as providing counseling for those affected. I have four sisters, three dogs, and a spoiled Eastern box turtle named Io. I am a mentor for a FIRST Robotics team in the Apex area, so I spend a lot of time working with students. I also speak with kids about STEM and robotics being for everyone. I really enjoy working with youth because I connect with them easier than people my own age. I am a true kid at heart and a big nerd that enjoys video games. I also fold origami! I love learning new things and teaching others, and I am very open to experiencing everything life has to offer.”


Why is volunteering meaningful to you?

“Growing up, my dad was constantly changing jobs and we moved all over the east coast. At times, I could not afford to buy lunch at school and would always be worried about my family. I had a teacher take me aside and talk to me about how my family was doing, and later that teacher personally went out and bought Christmas presents for me and my siblings. The school supported my family while my dad couldn’t find a job and got us resources to food banks, food stamps, and other organizations. Seeing people who were happy to serve and actually cared about me made me realize that I want others to experience that too!”


What impact do you want to have?

“I’m really hoping to get others interested in volunteering in their community. You may not need help right at this moment, but someday you just might. I want to live in a world where people are kind and help one another all the time – and we have to start somewhere. Sharing the value of volunteering with one person will inspire another to give back as well – it’s a domino effect! Volunteering isn’t just a one-way activity either, it’s an exchange. Giving back takes just a little time and energy and in return you receive hope, satisfaction, joy, and a stronger bond with your community.”


Kyla is currently enrolled in the Wake Tech Associates in Science program. After Wake Tech, she plans to transfer to NC State for a Bachelors in Genetics, and then on to medical school.

Thank you to the Wake Technical Community College Foundation for partnering with us!

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