Wake Tech 2019 Interns: Meet Melanie!

Wake Tech 2019 Interns: Meet Melanie!

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Thanks to a partnership with Wake Tech, Activate Good welcomes two interns to help us make sure this summer’s Teens Change the World! Program is even more amazing! We’re excited to have Melanie join us and support emerging young leaders.

How did you start volunteering?

“I volunteered a little bit growing up but was never very active in my community. I was once offered extra class credit to volunteer to serve dinner at the local men’s shelter. The night I went, I absolutely fell in love. Every Friday for the next year, I went to serve dinner and formed relationships with some of the patrons. I also started to volunteer at every possible event Wake Tech had to offer. This led up to being nominated to be a student leader for Wake Tech’s Office of Volunteerism and Leadership (O.V.A.L.). That was when I started reaching out to the community more and began to see the needs firsthand.”

What’s the coolest thing about working with young people?

“I’m going to school to be a math teacher because I love seeing how everyone’s brain works differently to get to the same solution. There’s always more than one way to arrive at a solution and being able to empower, inspire, and witness that process is really exciting to me. They say as we grow up, we tend to stop using our imagination. I feel as though younger people haven’t lost that yet – they’re going to use their imagination and really get creative in fixing things.”


 Why should folks volunteer?

“Everyone needs help at some point! We are all a part of a community and we should support one another. For me, being able to help someone is the absolute best feeling in the world. Having the opportunity to let others experience that joy is important to me. Plus, volunteering helps you: you can build relationships, reduce stress, and end the day knowing you helped someone.”  




Melanie is currently enrolled in the Wake Tech Associates in Science program. After Wake Tech, she plans to head on over to NC State for a Bachelors in Middle School Math Education.

Thank you to the Wake Technical Community College Foundation for partnering with us!

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