Volunteer Group Responsibilities

We welcome and encourage schools, companies, and other groups to volunteer together. It can be a great community and team builder, as well as provide opportunities to get out of your normal setting for fresh perspective, try new things, and do good while you’re at it. At the following links, you can learn more about the many ways we can work with your group to get you volunteering:

If working directly with Activate Good staff: By requesting our support in finding a suitable project, you are requesting our team solely coordinate on your behalf, unless otherwise communicated. To help us avoid potential overlap in our efforts, we appreciate that group leaders communicate to Activate Good any other organizations they are or have already spoken with, as well as any quantity of volunteers that the group is actively arranging projects for. Please update Activate Good immediately in the event of changes to any volunteer quantity for which our team may be seeking opportunities. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we do our best to support your efforts for a smooth service day!

For all group service project requests / adoptions, Activate Good establishes the following expectations and responsibilities for your group and its leader(s):

  1.  You have gauged your group members’ current availability and interest for the adopted service project and date, and gone through any necessary means of approval within your organization (upper-level management, school administration, group advisors or leadership, etc.).
    • If adopting a project for an annual Activate Good Day of Service, Activate Good will review all submitted group pre-registrations for matches with projects that fit each group’s size and age bracket, or provide another means for the group to choose its own project. Once a match is established, each group’s leader is notified and given the opportunity to accept the match or request a different one. Once successfully matched with a project, that project and the adopted spots will be reserved for your volunteer group.
    • For all group matching (contractual or otherwise): Once Activate Good provides project options, the volunteer group has *5 business days* to confirm acceptance of any proposed service project. If a decision about a chosen project(s) is not received by the end of business (5pm) on the 5th business day, Activate Good will release/direct the hosting nonprofit(s) to release the proposed opportunity(ies) back to the public. This is as a courtesy to all nonprofit partners seeking volunteers, helping to guarantee them the ability to obtain the support they need in a timely manner.
  2. You have Saved the Dates of your project on your group’s events calendar and notified your members to avoid double booking. Unless otherwise negotiated and detailed in a written contract with Activate Good, we also expect that any changes to your availability will be sent immediately to your Activate Good contact (no later than two weeks prior to your project date).
  3. At the time of project adoption, these are Activate Good’s four main expectations for the group leader to complete:
    1. Learn about your project! – Have your group read through all details (i.e., time, location, age restrictions, parking details, etc.) provided by Activate Good, and understand the expectations for that particular volunteer activity.
    2. Get those names! – Recruit the number of volunteers agreed to the date designated by Activate Good. At that time, communicate any concerns or the number of spots you are unable to fulfill to give Activate Good the chance to find additional volunteers to support the project (if applicable), or notifiy the nonprofit.
    3. Get your group to the project and have fun! – The individual who submitted the project becomes the group’s representative / leader, and is expected to serve as such on-site at the adopted project – unless otherwise coordinated with Activate Good.
    4. Provide feedback to Activate Good! – Instructions to (a) complete a feedback survey, (b) email Activate Good some awesome photos!, AND (c) confirm your group’s final headcount / attendance will be sent to each group leader.