About Activate Good

We believe we all have a responsibility to work towards a better world. That’s why Activate Good improves our community through people-powered projects for good.

Activate Good envisions a world in which all people realize and act on their power to improve their communities. Based in Raleigh, NC, Activate Good mobilizes individuals to volunteer for local causes. Over the summer, we worked in partnership with emerging photojournalist, Bisi Cameron Yee, to create a collection of photos and stories highlighting volunteers amidst the pandemic and protests around the Triangle region in 2020. Read a reflection about the Look for the Helpers Project from Activate Good’s Executive Director & Founder, Amber Smith, here.

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Since 2013, Activate Good has powered over 70,000 volunteer connections and provided a value of over $5 Million in volunteer-power to community improvement projects and area causes. Read more about our impacts here.

Learn more about Activate Good and find volunteer opportunities in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and other areas around the Triangle at www.activategood.org. Inspired? Support our work with a contribution to keep our efforts going.