About the Collection

Activate Good’s ‘Look For The Helpers’ Photojournalism Project is a collection of photos showcasing community members engaging in service in a wide variety of ways around the Triangle region of North Carolina.

These images highlight people coming together – amazing organizations and volunteers – to do necessary work to improve the community and help those in need during the summer of 2020 when COVID-19 and protests take center-stage. Nonprofits, schools, individuals, and groups all participated in this collaboration, which shows the importance of volunteering through crises and the community working together.

As our community, the country, and the world continue to face enormous challenges as part of or resulting from the pandemic, we thought it was important to shine a light on some of the good being done, too. We believe people have the capacity to rise above these times, if we educate ourselves about the issues and commit to working together to address them. We hope these images of people in our community helping one another spark others to help out, too.

Amber Smith
Executive Director & Founder, Activate Good

Captions are alongside each photograph to provide the viewer with context about the good work being done by these ‘helpers’. Starting August 2020, a selection of photographs will also be displayed in businesses and public locations around Raleigh, NC.

Inspired? Check out Activate Good to learn about volunteer needs around the Triangle region, NC, or make a contribution to keep our efforts going.

Learn more about ourĀ Photographer, Bisi Cameron Yee.

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