How Volunteering Promotes Social Engagement

How Volunteering Promotes Social Engagement

In recent times, social engagement has come to mean more involvement on social media instead of live social connections. However as many studies have shown, nothing can replace live interaction with others. Here are a few ways volunteering helps promote social engagement.

Improves bonds between family and friends

Looking for a new way to spend quality time with family and friends? Try volunteering. Working toward a common purpose together helps deepen established connections.

Develops a sense of community among corporate employees

Are you considering taking a mental health day from work? Well instead of binge watching Netflix, try volunteering. Many companies now provide specially designated hours for volunteering and as a result it encourages employees to maintain a sustained interest in volunteering on their own free time.


Raises awareness for a specific cause

With more information more widely available, it can be easy to focus on topics grabbing news headlines. Volunteering however can broaden your exposure to different issues such as literacy and hunger. By increasing knowledge of different causes, it promotes a more charitable attitude toward improving your community by donating time, talent,  and money.


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