How We Help The Community and Local Causes

How We Help

Activate Good helps recruit and connect volunteers to fulfill volunteer needs with hundreds of Community Partners around the Triangle. We aim to be a “force multiplier” for local causes by providing this much-needed capacity, support, and expertise. Since we implemented current metrics tracking in 2013, we’ve facilitated over 55,000 volunteer connections to area causes.

Community Partner Services and Benefits

The services and benefits we provide Community Partners are FREE and take many forms. Learn about these varying services below.

Activate Good Community Partners receive volunteer recruitment and project support from Activate Good at no cost. Approved Partners:

  • Are invited to claim their organizational profile to post all types of volunteer needs – one-time, skills-based, ongoing, board leadership, group-friendly, and more – on our online volunteer management platform. Our volunteer matching platform allows Partners to manage and track volunteers conveniently from our website. We select volunteer needs to highlight on our social media and in our newsletter regularly.
  • Can submit “dream” volunteer projects which may or may not require a budget for supplies to the Activate Good team. Activate Good regularly receives inquiries from companies seeking large-scale, high-impact projects. When feasible / appropriate, a dedicated Activate Good team will also support projects by scoping, coordinating, sourcing supplies, and leading projects on site to complete these projects. Contact for more information.
  • Share stories and research about the cause your organization addresses and participate in our Community-Wide Days of Service and Volunteer Management Training programs (see below).

Activate Good hosts a variety of annual Community-Wide Days of Service for the Triangle area, bringing together local volunteers, groups, and causes to make a big impact and recognize the power of people. Community Partners are invited to submit volunteer projects to take place during these large-scale events. Learn more about upcoming Days of Service and project submissions. 

Community Partners are also invited to contribute to the stories and educational information we share with locals about area causes. Partners are invited to:

  • Contribute data and articles to the Triangle Cause Wiki, a section of our site designed to education community members on local issues.
  • Write a guest blog article for our blog. View other blog articles to consider what stories might be a good fit! Interested in submitting something? Contact for next steps.
  • Have a testimonial about a volunteer matched to your cause through Activate Good? Tell us about it

Check out a few additional resources for our Community Partners.

Are you part of a local charitable organization, school, or eligible local government entity in need of volunteers to support your mission – and ready to learn more about applying to become a Community Partner? Please continue to review our partner requirements and apply!

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Community Partner Testimonials

“I truly, truly value our relationship with Activate Good and have felt that way the entire time we’ve been connected to you all — for approximately a decade. The awesome work and commitment from the Activate Good team to support nonprofits is super meaningful to us at Helps Ed Fund — just as I know it is for other nonprofits!”

– John Begeny, Helps Education Fund

“Without Activate Good we couldn’t do what we do. You are our lifeline to volunteers and to activities. You filled in the gap for us to keep us working by sending us a constant stream of volunteers. Without you guys we couldn’t exist.”

– Cheri Lynne, Wildwoods Community Farm

“One of the smartest things Note in the Pocket ever did was partner with Activate Good early on. The volunteers, connections and advice we regularly receive from them is amazing and our program is stronger today because of this partnership.”
– Dallas Bonavita, Note in the Pocket

“The impact of volunteers on our organization is, quite literally, incalculable. Through Activate Good we have been able to marshal the hard work, organizational skills, and ingenuity to help our organization grow, to expand the breadth and depth of what is possible on our stage, and to keep our theatre running smoothly both backstage and onstage. This leads to high morale among the actors and other artists working with us – that feeling of having a safety net under them, a core group of fellow citizens who are actively looking out for their well-being and working hard to make sure the work is presented in a professional manner. We have probably received 200 hours of volunteer time in the last year from these intrepid volunteers, and being, as I am, originally from the great state of Tennessee, I know a good “volunteer” when I see one!”

Jerome Davis, Burning Coal Theatre Company

Thank you so much for your help and for being such a great partner in connecting us with volunteers. We have had an overwhelming number of people reach out interested in helping us, more than we ever could have connected with on our own. We look forward to seeing you again when it is safer to have volunteer opportunities in person!

– Colleen Christensen, Lung Cancer Initiative of North Carolina

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