Improve your Health by Volunteering?

Improve your Health by Volunteering?

It’s true!

Maintaining one’s health is a priority to that often falls behind for our other priorities in life. Between attending school and/or working, maintaining a home and family life and numerous social obligations, it seems nearly impossible to stay healthy.
If you’re looking for a creative way to get healthy while helping others, check out these 4 ways volunteering can improve your health:


1. Reduces risk of depression

By being among others and sharing your common interests, your self-awareness shifts from self-doubt and criticism to satisfaction and hopefulness. It also keeps your mind off of your problems and onto helping others do well (3).

2. Lowers stress levels

Long week at work? Tough time at school? In addition to exercising and eating healthy meals, try volunteering! When the focus shifts from what’s going on in your life to the needs of others, you feel good and produce dopamine, a proven hormone shown to improve one’s mood (1, 2).

3. Provides a sense of purpose

Many people seek to find what makes them tick. Whether you’re a senior in high school seeking to find your niche, a working adult desiring to feel like more than just a desk jockey, or a senior citizen wanting to continue your impact in the community, volunteering can fulfill your desire to feel purposeful. Helping others and seeing them benefit from your good works can provide meaning in several ways (3).

4. Increases confidence

Struggling with class? Having a tough time at home? Volunteering can help you see yourself as others do. Learning new ideas and ways of doing things can boost your confidence and give you the ability to live life empowered and focused (4).


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Written by Alecia Murphy