Launching Good!

Launching Good!

A HUGE thank you must be extended to everybody who came out to last week’s launch party! Volunteers, nonprofit friends, local businesses and interested parties gathered last Thursday evening, August 25, at Spy Bar for a night of interaction, networking, and showcasing our new volunteer system.  We were so grateful to have the party space donated by Spy Raleigh for the evening to debut all the facets of our new volunteer system + social platform–our “Volunteer Community.”

The party’s main goal was to give attendees a peak at our new Volunteer Community, a new way to connect with fellow do-gooders and local causes and sign up to volunteer, as well as track hours and impacts of good works.

Board members introduced Activate Good, telling the story of how we evolved as an organization since our original beginnings as a group of individuals who set out to volunteer for a variety of different causes—And after seeing the great need for volunteers in many nonprofits, we started to reach out to others who wanted to volunteer but didn’t know where to start.

Building on our past volunteer matching system, our new Volunteer Community aims to further our reach and impact for local causes by making volunteering a more social and interconnected experience and by making it easier for volunteers or would-be volunteers to find volunteer opportunities based on their availability, interests, and volunteer “styles”–from social/group volunteering, to family volunteering, to giving professional skills pro bono and more.

Finally, volunteers can use their Volunteer Community user profiles to post stories about their volunteer experiences, as well as photos or videos of their do-gooding to inspire others to get involved.

Big props to Polished Geek, the web development team who transformed our old volunteer system into our fun, new social Volunteer Community! We could not have turned our vision into reality without them.

Thanks also goes out to Spy Raleigh (our host!), Calvert Creative, the Independent Weekly for their contribution of Hopscotch Tickets for our giveaway, Chris Florio for his wonderful photographs, and one of our nonprofit partners, the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle, who catered our party with tasty appetizers of veggies, quiche and homemade cookies keeping everyone’s volunteer energy fueled.

We thoroughly enjoyed meeting new friends and reconnecting with old friends, and were so incredibly thankful for the great turn out and community support at the launch party!

See more photos of the launch party on Facebook, here.