Environment and Sustainability

Environment & Sustainability

This page is part of Activate Good’s collaborative online knowledge base about issues impacting the Triangle area that can be tackled through volunteer action and more!

Environment & Sustainability Quick Facts

  • 2019 was North Carolina’s hottest year on record in 125 years of record keeping 
  • North Carolina’s worst-ever drought was in 2007
  • The two biggest air quality problems in NC are ground-level ozone and particle pollution
  • Pollinators are essential to the production of over 85% of our food and fiber producing crops
  • From 2001-2021, NC lost 24% of its tree cover

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How You Can Help

Take action! Find a local volunteer opportunity related to the environment and sustainability!

Learning Resources

Interested in learning more about this issue? Check out some of these books, articles, documentaries, podcasts, and more.

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Podcasts and Other Resources

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Other Ways to Make an Impact


  • Visit our website to sign up for needs of environmentally-focused organizations, or specific opportunities that benefit the environment


  • Advocate for environmentally-conscious practices and policies at your place of work

Listen & Learn

  • Check out resources right on this page!
  • Follow some of our environmentally-focused Community Partners and other organizations on social media to learn right from the source


  • Consider taking up a leadership position in the community and using your platform to advance the cause 



  • Make a financial contribution to Activate Good’s Civic Empowerment Fund!
  • Fulfill needs on an organization’s wishlist
    • Feel free to check out all our Community Partners here

Purchase Power


  • Do your due diligence in researching candidates, platforms, and policies. Common Cause is a great tool for learning about your representatives and what they advocate!
  • Then, use your vote to back those that you believe work to address the issue

Social Entrepreneur

  • Have an innovative idea on how to address part of the issue?  Develop a new initiative!

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