Lisa Jeffries: Using Skills to Help Transitions LifeCare

Lisa Jeffries: Using Skills to Help Transitions LifeCare

Many young professionals embrace volunteerism. However, many are often frustrated because they don’t have the opportunity to help nonprofits as they did in high school or college. Some may feel unable to make monetary donations or lack the flexibility in their schedule to donate time for general activities. But utilizing their unique skills to help out might be a great way for young professionals to find their path on their journey to serve.

Applying Unique Skills to Boost Technology for a Good Cause

Lisa Jeffries Lisa Jeffries is a young professional who is the founder and principal consultant of Raleighwood Media Group. Lisa has a number of web-based skills, particularly in content management systems. While visiting the Activate Good website, she saw a volunteer project right in her wheelhouse: Providing WordPress training for Transitions LifeCare (formerly Hospice of Wake County). According to Jeffries:

“The experience was wonderfully timed and fulfilling. My family has benefited from the humbling work that [Transitions LifeCare] provides to the community many times, as recently as the 2011 passing of my grandfather, who suffered from the debilitating effects of dementia in his final years. I had been interested in being able to give back to Transitions LifeCare, and then I stumbled upon the listing on Activate Good’s website for someone to help them with WordPress. I’m a big believer in fate; and that day, it certainly came knocking.”

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Helping Transitions LifeCare (formerly Hospice of Wake County)

Transitions LifeCare (formerly Hospice of Wake County) provides physical, emotional and spiritual care to those living with an advanced illness, their caregivers and those who have lost a loved one. Recently the nonprofit moved to WordPress for their website, a web software with a user-friendly reputation. There was still a training element involved, however,  and that’s where Lisa’s skill set came into play, as she describes:

“I spent a few hours per day, on a few occurrences over a two week period, working with two of Transition LifeCare’s professional marketing and public relations employees to guide them through some of the more advanced use and best practices for a new WordPress website that has been developed for their organization. While they received some very basic training on the WordPress CMS (content management system), it’s the type of program that knowledge can grow with experience.”

In addition to helping the Transition LifeCare team learn WordPress, Lisa also helped the Transition LifeCare team find a free-to-low-cost system for managing multiple forms. The system will allow forms to be submitted online, reducing the organization’s need to rely on paper applications that are submitted in person, by fax, or email. As an added bonus, Lisa was able to use her connections to link Transition LifeCare with a local video production company she had previously worked with to help tell their story.

Technology Makes A Huge Difference

Darcy Dye, Public Relations Manager for Transition LifeCare of Wake County was grateful for Jeffries’ hard work and dedication, stating:

“Lisa Jeffries provided us so much valuable information on WordPress. She patiently and skillfully guided us through some of the areas where we were struggling and gave us tips on more efficient ways to create features that will certainly help our users. She’s quite knowledgeable about website programming, social media, traditional media, and marketing.” 

In the end, Lisa’s desire to serve her community and Transition LifeCare’s request for help with WordPress were both fulfilled. It’s these types of connections that make volunteerism a win-win.

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