New Year's Resolutions that Make the World a Better Place

New Year’s Resolutions that Make the World a Better Place

Make a Resolution to Volunteer and Make the World a Better Place

New Year’s resolutions share a common theme of movement towards the new and improved you. Resolutions can also improve the world around you. Making a New Year’s resolution to volunteer is a great way to improve your own life and the lives of others.

Research on volunteerism shows that people who volunteer experience positive effects on their mental health. Volunteering increases happiness, reduces stress, increases human interaction, and helps volunteers develop new skills and hone existing ones.

Family volunteeringVolunteer as a family

Volunteering as a family is a wonderful New Year’s opportunity that has so many benefits. Kids will observe the volunteering process at work and emulate the efforts to give back to the community.

Late-in-life volunteering

It is possible to volunteer until very late in life. A wonderful example is President Jimmy Carter, who at 96 has spent the past 36 years volunteering with Habitat For Humanity. Volunteering also helps older adults not become isolated in their community and make friends as a volunteer.

Anyone can make a resolution to volunteer

You only need excitement for the project and a wonderful, positive attitude. Volunteering is fun, too! The work is interesting and challenging, and volunteers work together as a team. Volunteering is a great way to explore interests and passions. It can be an escape and provide tools to improve your everyday life.

  • Dying to explore video editing? Offer to create a highlight reel for a local charity.
  • Interested in math? Help an organization with its bookkeeping.
  • Stuck inside at a desk all day, longing for the great outdoors? Walk shelter dogs. plant trees with an environmental group, or volunteer to clean up a playground.

Activate Good’s website states that when one person volunteers, four lives are positively impacted. Their mission is simple: to mobilize volunteers and inspire a culture of helping others so that local causes get the help they need serving the community. People-powered by more than 30,000 volunteers, the Activate Good team currently impacts over 120,000 lives in the Triangle. 

Volunteering creates happiness

There are so many ways to impact your community. Activate Good’s website has a running list of current volunteer opportunities. Many opportunities are ongoing, like Habitat for Humanity builds, organizing and restocking at the Salvation Army store, and volunteering in the community gardens at Passage Home. There are also opportunities for specific days of the year. Martin Luther King Day of Service happens on January 18! In addition, there are specialized opportunities. If you are good at social media, video editing, accounting, event planning, fundraising, or many other disciplines, there are organizations that can use your help. Browse opportunities online or contact Activate Good directly and let them know your skillset. They can match your skills with a charity in need There are even opportunities to participate from home. Please contact Activate Good for more information.

Investing in Good

Unable to volunteer? Activate Good is always grateful for financial support. You can become a monthly donor for as little as $5 per month. If you sign up for monthly giving, you can join the Youth Givers Program. Activate Good will address thank you notes and correspondence to your child, which includes them in the giving process and teaches them valuable lessons about philanthropy.

One-time donations are also appreciated and can be easily submitted through a secure online portal. Check with your employer to see if they participate in a corporate matching program that may maximize your impact on Activate Good’s mission. And the newly launched Stock Donation program is another wonderful option. You can find the forms to make a gift of stock to Activate Good online.

What do your donations and volunteer activities do? The numbers are inspiring. Since 2013, Activate Good has made 70,000 volunteer connections, which has a value of $5 million in volunteer power invested in the Triangle. Your contribution of time and money has a significant impact on the Triangle. Your 2021 resolution impacts our community, and we would love for you to join us next year. 

Happy New Year's resolutions!

This year, make a resolution to volunteer

The benefits to you and the world around you have a lasting impact. Helping others is an instant mood lifter and happiness boost, and that happiness will stay with you long after the volunteer opportunity is over. Activate Good can help you with your New Year’s resolution to volunteer. Find the volunteer opportunity of your dreams, and start 2021 with kindness and a giving spirit.

Take Action

Take Action

Check out hundreds of volunteer opportunities with causes around the Triangle area and volunteer to make an impact.

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