Our Community Partners

We Our Community Partners!

A Community Partner is a local charity, school, or eligible local government entity that needs volunteer support to make a positive impact on our community. Community Partners must meet our criteria for partnership and complete Activate Good's application and vetting process before you'll see them on the list below.

New Creation United Methodist Church

Partner Since: Jan 09, 2019

We see our mission as the refinement of our faith. It is expressed in our witness, this blended community, that seeks to transform Durham.

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New Horizons Fellowship

Partner Since: Apr 23, 2012

Providing help, hope and healing.

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New Life Christian Academy

Partner Since: Oct 12, 2011

New Life Christian Academy prepares students to become ethical, well-rounded and self sufficient citizens by providing a world-class education in a nurturing Christian environment that motivates students to reach high academic standards, enjoy learning, achieve success, and...

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New LIfe Christian Center,Inc.

Partner Since: Feb 20, 2014

Afterschool Program implemented 2008: New LIfe Christian Center, 21st CCLC: partner with the community, schools, and parents to provide quality academic, social, and emotional support to prepare students for the 21st century.

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Noise Free America: A Coalition to Promote Quiet

Partner Since: Feb 25, 2020

Our mission is to raise public awareness of the hazards of noise pollution and to take direct action against noise.

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North Carolina Arts in Action

Partner Since: Apr 29, 2013

North Carolina Arts in Action helps children reach their full potential using performing arts as the catalyst to build focus, discipline, self-esteem, teamwork and leadership.

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North Carolina Asian Americans Together

Partner Since: Jan 03, 2020

North Carolina Asian Americans Together (NCAAT) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization in Raleigh, NC whose mission is to engage and empower the diverse Asian American communities across the state. Immigrants from Asian countries make up 30 percent of NC’s immigrant popula...

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North Carolina Botanical Garden

Partner Since: May 10, 2016

The North Carolina Botanical Garden is a "conservation garden." Our guiding mission is to inspire understanding, appreciation, and conservation of plants in gardens and natural areas and to advance a sustainable relationship between people and nature.

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North Carolina Community Action Association

Partner Since: Jan 21, 2014

NCCAA empowers agencies to help communities thrive.

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North Carolina Community Foundation

Partner Since: Mar 28, 2012

The North Carolina Community Foundations mission is to inspire North Carolinians to make lasting and meaningful contributions to their communities.

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North Carolina Consumers Council (NCCC)

Partner Since: Aug 18, 2014

The North Carolina Consumers Council (NCCC) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, nonpartisan organization promoting consumer awareness, consumer education and consumer protection across the state of North Carolina and beyond.

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North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition

Partner Since: Aug 30, 2011

To encourage and motivate the acceptance of harm reduction strategies in North Carolina through education, interventions, advocacy, and resource development. NCHRC engages in grassroots advocacy, resource development, coalition building and direct services for law enforcemen...

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North Carolina Medical Society Alliance

Partner Since: May 20, 2014

The North Carolina Medical Society Alliance is a nonprofit organization of physican spouses and physicians dedicated to advancing the health of North Carolinians through advocacy and action.

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North Carolina Museum of Art

Partner Since: Aug 23, 2017

NCMA MISSION The North Carolina Museum of Art serves the people of North Carolina and all visitors as a premier destination for compelling encounters with art. The NCMA is committed to exemplary scholarship and innovative educational enrichment. We invite interactions amo...

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North Carolina Redwood Sanctuary

Partner Since: Jul 18, 2017

The mission of the North Carolina Redwood Sanctuary is to acquire land in order to establish and preserve a park-like tree habitat in North Carolina populated by Coastal Redwoods (Sequoia Sempervirens).

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North Carolina Victim Assistance Network (NCVAN)

Partner Since: Aug 04, 2017

To provide support and information for all crime victims across our state and to advocate for their fair treatment.

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North Raleigh Ministries

Partner Since: Dec 06, 2012

To provide Christian encouragement and assistance to our neighbors in crisis.

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Note in the Pocket

Partner Since: Jul 06, 2012

Note in the Pocket provides clothing to impoverished and homeless children in Wake County. We believe it is unacceptable that children are limited in their educational and social development because they do not have appropriate clothes for school.

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Partner Since: Jan 16, 2019

To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.

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Oak City Cares

Partner Since: Jul 15, 2019

Oak City Cares is a services hub for connecting individuals and families at risk of, or currently experiencing, homelessness to coordinated services that create a path to stable housing and renewed hope.

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Oak City Outreach Center

Partner Since: Jun 09, 2014

The mission of the Oak City Outreach Center is to provide a place of hospitality on weekends where people can gather to receive and give nourishment that comes from sharing of food and fellowship.

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Oak City Soccer

Partner Since: Oct 01, 2016

Oak City Soccer is a non-profit organization which provides youth on the autism spectrum or with sensory processing challenges the opportunity to play soccer while fostering social skills and creating awareness and acceptance within the community.

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Oaks & Spokes

Partner Since: Oct 12, 2017

Oaks & Spokes fosters the community of people who ride bikes in Raleigh, NC. Our vision is that bicycling in Raleigh will be a safe, convenient and comfortable option for people of all ages and abilities.

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Oh Lord Help Us

Partner Since: Nov 07, 2018

Mentoring the woman who feels broken and messy; who feels she doesn’t belong; who feels unsure; and help her find the freedom to be who she is created to be.

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Olive Tree Blessing Bags

Partner Since: Jul 24, 2020

Olive Tree Blessing Bags is committed to sharing encouragement, appreciation, and relaxation, with our country’s essential and community workers. Caring for those who care for us.

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