Our Community Partners

We Our Community Partners!

A Community Partner is a local charity, school, or eligible local government entity that needs volunteer support to make a positive impact on our community. Community Partners must meet our criteria for partnership and complete Activate Good's application and vetting process before you'll see them on the list below.

Education, Travel & Culture

Partner Since: Mar 21, 2016

To promote international understanding and goodwill by providing high quality educational and cultural exchange programs in the United States and abroad.

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EF Foundation for Foreign Study

Partner Since: Sep 10, 2011

To operate as a nonprofit corporation engaged in the development and management of a foreign teenage exchange visitor program which will be monitored by the department of state and will be specifically designed to afford foreign teenage students the opportunity of spending f...

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El Centro Hispano

Partner Since: Nov 16, 2016

El Centro Hispano works to strengthen the community, build bridges and advocate for equity and inclusion for Hispanics/Latinos in the Triangle Area of North Carolina.

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El Pueblo, Inc.

Partner Since: Aug 24, 2015

El Pueblo’s mission is for Latinos to achieve positive social change by building consciousness, capacity, and community action.

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Ellerbe Creek Watershed Association

Partner Since: Sep 15, 2015

ECWA's mission is to: 1) Enable a living creek - a healthy stream in which an appropriately diverse group of native fish and invertebrate species thrive; 2) Create a network of preserves and trails along which people can hike, bike, and walk from the Ellerbe Creek headwat...

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Elna B. Spaulding Conflict Resolution Center

Partner Since: Sep 19, 2017

Helping people to resolve conflict through communication, cooperation, and understanding.

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Emerging Women NC

Partner Since: Dec 21, 2016

Emerging Women NC 's mission is to transform lives by modeling compassion and integrity. Emerging Women NC celebrates and supports women who display these qualities in their business and personal ventures — excelling in a way that lifts others to climb. Emerging Women NC en...

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Engineering World Health

Partner Since: Feb 13, 2015

Engineering World Health inspires, educates, and empowers the biomedical engineering community to improve health care delivery in the developing world. Engineering World Health: -Provides students from around the world with the life-changing educational experience of repai...

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Exchange Family Center

Partner Since: Dec 16, 2014

The Exchange Family Center strengthens area families and prevents child abuse and neglect through family support, education, and counseling.

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Executive Service Corps of the Triangle

Partner Since: Sep 26, 2012

ESC's mission is to provide professional, affordable consulting services to Triangle nonprofits, in order to help them achieve their missions.

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Extraordinary Ventures

Partner Since: Jun 02, 2017

​Extraordinary Ventures, Inc. is a nonprofit that provides employment and social opportunities to young adults with developmental disabilities. EV creates small businesses that utilize the strengths of our employees with developmental disabilities .

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Families Moving Forward

Partner Since: Jan 10, 2012

Families Moving Forward offers a temporary home to families with children in the crisis of homelessness. Working together, we create a path to stability and self-sufficiency through personalized services and ongoing community support.

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Families Together

Partner Since: May 06, 2013

Moving Wake County families from homelessness to stable homes through mentoring, housing support and connecting to community resources.

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Family Promise of Wake County

Partner Since: Oct 29, 2012

The mission of Family Promise of Wake County, is to help homeless families in Wake County achieve independent living by providing lodging, meals, case management, and educational services, and to promote awareness and action from the community regarding homelessness.

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Family Resource Center South Atlantic

Partner Since: Sep 23, 2014

Helping families acquire the skills and resources needed to be self-sufficient.

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Farmer Foodshare

Partner Since: Mar 27, 2014

Farmer Foodshare connects people who grow food with people who need food, while building healthy community food systems and enhancing community economic development.

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First In Families of North Carolina

Partner Since: Nov 02, 2011

First In Families of North Carolina helps people with disabilities and their families to believe in their dreams, achieve their goals and give back to others.

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Food Bank of Central & Eastern NC

Partner Since: Aug 07, 2012

No one goes hungry in Central and Eastern North Carolina.

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Forest View Elementary School

Partner Since: Aug 10, 2013

to help students grow intellectually, socially and emotionally as they become creative, confident problem solvers prepared for global citizenship.

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Frankie Lemmon School and Developmental Center

Partner Since: Jan 11, 2012

For children with special educational needs and their families, the Frankie Lemmon School and Developmental Center provides life-changing education and support that leads to successful participation in family and community life and achievement of the childs full potential.

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Friends of Hometown Heroes Inc.

Partner Since: Sep 14, 2015

Give back to the families of injured and fallen first responders and soldiers of Wake and Johnston Counties of NC. Also buy needed equipment so our heroes can perform their jobs safely including things like; K-9 ballistic vests, infrared cameras, air tanks for fire depts. e...

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Friends of the NC Museum of Natural Sciences

Partner Since: Jan 30, 2017

The Friends of the NC Museum of Natural Sciences is a nonprofit organization. Its board of directors is comprised of volunteers. Members provide financial support, volunteer assistance and aid to help the Museum deliver groundbreaking research, exceptional exhibits, mind-ope...

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Friends of Wake County Guardian ad Litem

Partner Since: Apr 24, 2013

Our mission is to enhance the lives of abused, neglect and impoverished children and their caregivers through programs which promote a child's physical, educational, and emotional well-being, and to provide support for the Wake County Guardian ad Litem program that recruits,...

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Fuquay-Varina Arts Council

Partner Since: Jul 08, 2016

To inspire and enhance the lives of citizens in our community and beyond by developing appreciation of the arts, presenting arts programming and education, supporting local artists, & fostering creativity in the community.

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Fuquay-Varina Downtown

Partner Since: Nov 24, 2014

Fuquay-Varina Downtown is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the thriving business and residential historic districts of Fuquay-Varina, NC. We promote preservation, educate the public, support the business environment and grow community.

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