Nonprofit Project Submission: Teen Days of Service and National Volunteer Week 2017

Nonprofit Project Submission: Teen Days of Service and National Volunteer Week 2017

Activate Good is currently seeking service projects for Teen Days of Service (April 21 & 22) and National Volunteer Week (April 23-29).

Pre-registrations for groups of teen and adult volunteers are rolling in. Now, we’re working to match them to projects benefiting local nonprofits. We are seeking projects suitable for any or all of the following: School-Aged Teens / Teen Groups, Families, Adults / Corporate or Civic Groups.

Please submit projects by Wednesday, March 1.

Service Project Criteria and Instructions

1) Projects must take place from start to finish on the day(s) you select in the form below.
2) Projects should be able to accommodate a *minimum* of 4 volunteers. There is no maximum at this time, but keep in mind that larger group requests may be more difficult to fill completely, and you should take your organization’s building and/or staff capacity into consideration.
3) Projects should take place in the Triangle: Raleigh, Durham, or Chapel Hill, or any of the towns / communities in between or in close proximity.

1) The sooner you submit your project request, the more time we’ll have to work on fulfilling your needs.
2) Once you submit your project, please hold the date / time / volunteer spots for us and refrain from scheduling other groups during these times without communicating with us. As we are coordinating with a number of volunteer groups to fill your projects, this is important to avoid confusion and accidental overbooking.
3) Please keep in mind that Activate Good will do its best to fulfill your volunteer needs for your requested projects, but we cannot guarantee complete fulfillment or full attendance. Activate Good will keep in contact throughout the matching process to keep you updated on progress.


Can’t think of any¬†specific projects, but know your organization would like to participate somehow? Please brainstorm with us! Questions about offering opportunities for ADULTS? Contact Activate Good Volunteer Coordinator, Rose Thompson at Questions about offering opportunities for TEENS & FAMILIES? Contact Activate Good Youth Programs Coordinator, Krystal Hare at