Juvenile Literacy Tutor

Opportunity Summary

If you would like to make a positive difference in your community & are interested in tutoring court-involved or at-risk youth, our Juvenile Literacy Center is a good fit for you! The program serves students ages 6-17 who are referred to us by Juvenile Court or another youth-serving agency.  (More Details...)


This opportunity has passed.


Our program is designed so that students will come to know success. The National Adult Literacy Survey reports a direct correlation between low literacy proficiency and poverty, homelessness and unemployment. Therefore, it is important to address literacy problems as soon as possible. JLC is designed to improve literacy skills and cultivate both academic and personal success for court-involved youth.

JLC tutors must attend a volunteer orientation session (offered monthly) and complete online training. Tutors meet at specific program sites including the courthouse, local schools and other youth-serving agencies. Most tutoring takes place at the end of the school day or after school between 2pm and 7pm.