"Behind the Scene" Volunteer

Opportunity Summary

We have multiple opportunities that doesn't involve the horses. Some may be able to be done remotely after training. You may sometimes work with others, sometimes alone.  (More Details...)


Feb 12 - Dec 31, 2017       89 volunteers needed!
Registrations for this shift close on Dec 31, 2017.


Some ideas we need help with:

Marketing chairperson and committee members
Grant seekers
Chairpersons for fundraisers and events
Events committee members
People to create sign-up forms
Someone to make an online auction
Some people to make better databases for our varied databases
Social media person for twitter
Someone who likes to create newsletters
Someone to help create our email newsletter
Call people for donations/sponsors
Speak with businesses about our non-profit in an effort to get sponsorship.
Certified public accountant specializing with non-profit (for a few hours a year)
Photographers for events and websites and more.