Crisis Hotline Responder
with HopeLine

Opportunity Summary

Hotline and textline responders with HopeLine are trained in active listening to provide the best caring, nonjudgmental support and resources possible to those in times of crisis.  (More Details...)


Jun 23, 2017 - Jun 23, 2018       150 volunteers needed!
Registrations for this shift close on Jun 23, 2017.


HopeLine volunteers undergo training to respond to crisis calls and texts. They provide caring, nonjudgmental support and active listening to those in crisis, and also provide relevant and useful resources within the caller's geographical location. HopeLine volunteers also take part in the Reassurance Call program, making calls to elderly, disabled, homebound, or low-support individuals who desire a regular check in to provide social support and a caring listening ear. HopeLine volunteers are empathetic and caring, and walk away knowing that they have done their part to save a life, brighten a day, and help prevent a future crisis.