Caring for the Big Cats (Afternoon)

Opportunity Summary

This activity is part of the 9/11 Day of Service. Volunteers will help out by completing various light and outdoor construction activities that allow us to better care for our animals.  (More Details...)


This opportunity has passed.


These activities include but are not limited to removing vines from existing enclosures, raising fencing or fence posts for new enclosures, disassembling old enclosures, etc. We plan service projects on a needs-based basis, so we're unable to say specifically what the group(s) will be working on. One of our last groups poured and leveled 1,760 lbs of concrete for our new food prep area!

Rain Plan

This project will continue in light rain; moderate rain or heavy rain/storms may call for the project to be cancelled. Any decision to cancel will occur on Sunday, September 10 and communicated to volunteers via email by that evening.

Parking Info

Volunteers can park in the visitor lot.