Place Flags on Veterans' Graves (Afternoon)

Opportunity Summary

This activity is part of the 9/11 Day of Service, and it is adopted by Fidelity Investments & Holiday Inn Raleigh Downtown. Volunteers will place over 2500 American flags on the graves of veterans throughout the cemetery.  (More Details...)


This opportunity has passed.


Volunteers will place at least 2500 flags on the graves of veterans throughout the Cemetery to honor those that served our country. Please bring along work gloves if you'd like to wear them and wear comfortable shoes.

Rain Plan

This project will continue in light rain; moderate rain or heavy rain/storms may call for the project to be cancelled. Any decision to cancel will occur on Sunday, September 10 and communicated to volunteers via email by that evening.

Parking Info

Enter the cemetery gate and make the first right. Immediately after you pass the office building sitting to your left. Park anywhere along the roads where you will not block traffic.