Farm Day fun at CORRAL!


CORRAL Riding Academy

What You'll Do:

CORRAL's monthly community Farm Days are a great way to get your boots dirty! We'll start with a tour of the farm, information about our girls, horses & programs, then help do some needed projects around the farm. With a ten acre farm and a herd of 10 there is never a shortage of projects!

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The CORRAL Riding Academy is a faith based non-profit group operating out of Cary, North Carolina where girls who are hurting are loved and experience healing and transformational life-change through rescued horses.

At Farm Days, we'll have projects for all ages and skill levels- this is a great way to serve as a family, group or individual! If you are looking to sign up for a group, there are more spaces available at www.corrralriding.org.

At CORRAL we look to serve girls who exhibit significant risk factors for unhealthy lifestyles and behaviors but who also exhibit a desire to initiate change in their lives. While on the farm, our girls receive riding lessons, academic tutoring, therapy, mentoring, and a chance to bond with horses, which provides them with the tools necessary to overcome the challenges they face.

Farm Day is a great intro to CORRAL and we will have information there about other ways to get more involved with the girls, horses or business of CORRAL.

For tons more information please visit our website at corralriding.org.

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