State Fair Volunteers

Opportunity Summary

Help the Raleigh Jaycees run their annual "Turkey Shoot" game at the NC State Fair! Volunteers are assigned to selling tickets (paper targets), distributing and collecting shells, judging targets, or replacing paper targets. We do NOT shoot turkeys! And you get into the fair for FREE!  (More Details...)


This opportunity has passed.


Our organization has a major fundraiser at the NC State Fair every year, the Raleigh Jaycees Turkey Shoot. Basically, it is a game during which each player out of 14 shoots a paper target using a tethered shotgun. The player who shoots closest to the center of the target receives a frozen turkey or t-shirt. We have two volunteer shifts each day of the fair that are six hours long. Volunteers are assigned to selling tickets, distributing and collecting shells, judging targets, or replacing targets. We are offering any organization a $40 donation per volunteer for each shift worked. As a recruiting incentive, if an organization sends us five or more volunteers, we will donate $50 to the organization for each shift worked. We do ask that volunteers are 18 or over per insurance regulations.

The game is safe and no volunteers have ever been injured. As I've said, the guns are tethered so as to allow them to only shoot only in the vicinity of the target. All shotgun shells distributed are collected at the end of each round. All volunteers and players are provided with ear and eye protection as well. To see the game in action, we have posted a short video of a full round:
Volunteers receive paid entry to the fair.

Rain Plan

Game is rain or shine!

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