Host a Hygiene Drive for Wake County Youth


SOAR Outreach

What You'll Do:

We are seeking individuals, churches, organizations, social groups, and employers to host a hygiene drive to collect hygiene products to increase our hygiene inventory so we can continue to provide hygiene kits to more Wake County youths.


Appropriate for group service projects

Appropriate for court-ordered service

Must be 8 years or older, or 8 years or older with parental supervision

Additional Requirements:

This event can be held virtual or at a location that adheres to the CDC social distancing guidelines You can host an event any time of the year



You can host a virtual hygiene drive for our clients as group event.
We are seeking schools, camp, place of worship, local businesses, employers, neighborhoods, and different organizations and groups to collect hygiene products.
Children are able to host a hygiene drive as long they have adult involvement to help with planning and dropping off collected items.

This is an all year project.

Many Homeless and Low-Income youth lack hygiene items due to affordability. This means they need everything from soap to toothpaste to new socks. By providing hygiene items and/or additional resources for our youth, you will be assisting them with equal access to basic personal care and hygiene items, ensuring all youth feel empowered and confident, and providing improved opportunities so they can focus on and excel in their education.

The drive can be as simple as holding a "Toothpaste Tuesday" or "Shampoo Sunday" collection. Decide when and where to host your hygiene drive and for questions or to schedule a time to drop off our location, contact us at 919-651-4397 or

We recommended at least 2 weeks of advertising before beginning your drive and that you run the drive itself for at least 2-4 weeks.) You may also want to share news of drive via email, social media, etc. Be sure to ask family & friends to help spread the word!



No location specified.


Date/Time: Volunteers Needed:    
Aug 1, 2017 - Dec 31, 2021 Shift Filled!